Please 2! 3 - Is that what you want?

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"Yuuto..." Seiji looked at his boyfriend with a strange expression. Then he closed his eyes. When he opened them, he smiled. "I understand. If that's what makes you happy, then I happy."

"Don't say anything..." The teacher blushed and turned his head. He couldn't meet Seiji's eyes, not when the man he loved looked like that. "Just... don't, okay?"

"You don't have to get embarrassed." The artist's expression changed into something closer to pity. "I already know my boyfriend likes to dress as a girl outside cosplaying, even though he denies it. I just never thought you'd chose such... flashy bikini, that's all."

Yuuto pressed his lips to hold his immediate answer, his face a wild shade of red. I knew I shouldn't have put this on, he thought. The moment he saw the green polka dot bikini, full of frills to deceive the lack of something in the upper part and hide the extra a little lower, inside his suitcase, he knew his boyfriend would make fun of him.

But that pity face along with that understanding smile was too much.

"Shut up!" Yuuto snapped. He covered the upper part of his bikini with the arms and half turned away. "You know this wasn't me! It was my sister who took my bathing suit and put this in when I asked her to help me pack!"

Seiji sighed and put the hand in the bag next to him, still with the pity smile.

"Aren't you a little too old to be blaming your sister?" he asked in a condescending voice that somehow managed to anger Yuuto even more.

"You know that's not it! She really did...wait, why are you pulling your phone? Don't take any pictures!"

Yuuto ran towards his boyfriend the moment he saw the smartphone. He waved the arms to ruin any photo as he tried to snatch the device off Seiji's hands.

But the painter was faster. He took a few photos before raising his arms, putting the phone out of the teacher's reach.

The cosplayer didn't give up. He leaned against Seiji's body, stood on tiptoes and stretched the arm as much as he could.

Still Yuuto couldn't reach the phone. No matter how much he tried, his fingers never even brushed Seiji's hand.

"Damn it! Why are you so tall?" he complained, still struggling.

All he managed was to get a few laughs from his boyfriend and a wider smile. It was too much for the teacher and he gave up.

"Fine! Take all the damn photos you want," Yuuto screamed, his face even redder.

Seiji laughed even more before lowering his arms. The cosplayer tried to take the chance, but before he could grab the phone, the artist leaned down to kiss him.

Against Yuuto's will, that kissed lessened his rage. He tried to resist, but when he looked into Seiji's eyes, he brought their lips together again. That was enough to turn his embarrassment into lust. Before he knew it, he had his arms wrapped around Seiji's neck, kissing every inch his lips could touch.

Seiji undid the lace of Yuuto's bikini and took the top off. He pushed Yuuto down the floor, sucking and licking the teacher's nipple. In mere seconds, they were already hard and sensitive, but the younger man didn't stop playing.

Yuuto bit his lips to stop his moan, but Seiji noticed.

Without stop kissing, he moved down from the chest to the belly button, and then to between the teacher's legs. The manhood was already hard and no longer inside the bikini. When Seiji put it inside his mouth, Yuuto couldn't hold it anymore.

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