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Taylor's pov;

I woke up to my phone ringing; I jumped up looking around for it in my bed and finally found it under the pillow. I answered the call without looking to see who it is

-yeah hey baby
-hey Tracy
-what you doing
-nothing just woke up
-oh okay get ready I got something here I want you to use on me

I jumped out the bed happy as day; I got dressed in my nike black sweatsuit and my sandals. I grabbed my phone off the bed and rushed downstairs to the kitchen grabbing a gatorade before leaving out; i left out the house closing the door behind me. I looked down at my phone and read the address Tracy sent me it was literally down the street; I arrived at her house and seen her sitting on the porch with a two year old it looked just like her. Who was it? Curiosity wondered my mind as I got closer; she looked up and smiled the little girl looked at me and waved. "Hey babe, I said "hey baby I missed you, Tracy said "I missed you too, I said "this is Ashley my little sister, Tracy said "hi Ms Ashley, I said "hwi, Ashley giggled "she's adorable, I said "thawak yhu, Ashely said "you welcome, I smiled "come on inside, Tracy said. I came up the steps and followed behind them into the house; Tracy stepped behind me and closed the door back. I sat down on the couch next to Ashley tensed as hell I was never greet at meeting adults because some bashed me or some liked me but that didn't last forever; the tv cut on catching my attention I looked down and seen Ashley had the remote.

I giggled a little at her she was so smart to be two years old "Ma, Tracy yelled "yeah!, Tracy mom yelled "come downstairs, Tracy said "in a few, Tracy mom said "okay, Tracy yelled back; I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen with Tracy. "Wassup mama's, I said "nothing just exhausted from cheerleading, Tracy sighed "it's okay baby we will take a nap later okay, I smiled "okay, Tracy smiled "now come give me a kiss, I smirked; Tracy came towards me and pecked my lips. "That wasn't no real kiss, I said smacking my lips "save the best for last, Tracy winked "okay baby, I smiled "Tracy me and Ashley are going to your grandmas for a while, Tracy mom said coming down the steps "okay come into the kitchen I want you to meet somebody, Tracy said. Her mom walked around the corner into the kitchen my whole body went tense "oh hello, Tracy mom said "hi I'm Taylor, I said "mom this is my girlfriend, Tracy smiled "ohh I like her she knows her sexuality unlike them other hood rats, Tracy mom said "no need to bring them up mom, Tracy said rolling her eyes "roll them eyes again I'll snatch them out, Tracy mom said.

I let out a little giggle out at what Tracy mom had said "I'm not a momma who play, Tracy mom said "yes ma'am, I said "welcome to the family, Tracy mom smiled "thank you, I smiled "okay Ashley let's roll out and Tracy I left you money upstairs on your dresser if you wanna go somewhere, Tracy mom said "okay, Tracy said. Ashley jumped off the couch and left with Tracy's mom; I closed the door behind her locking it "what you wanna do now, Tracy said "I don't know, I smirked "let me show this new toy, Tracy said. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her room; she opened the door revealing a lavender colored walls with baby pictures of her and Ashley she had a king size bed with mass pillows and a big ass closet. "Damn babe your room is big as shit, I said "I'm use to it now, Tracy giggled; I took off my shoes before laying in her bed. I got underneath the cover and got comfortable enough for a nap; I took off my jacket and threw it by my shoes. "How you just gonna get comfortable in my bed, Tracy asked "because your bed was calling my name, I said "okay here's the toys, Tracy said setting a box on the bed; I took off the lid and seen silicone penises with a strap handcuffs and a leash.

I smirked at Tracy as she was biting down on her lip "which want you want me to use, I asked "this one, Tracy said picking it up "Ight, I said; Tracy got up and stripped out her clothes and got back in bed next to me. I stood up and strapped the penis on me and crawled next to bed in Tracy "ya ready, I asked "yes, Tracy said; I slowly interested myself into her. She gasped letting out a moan as I got farther inside her; I started going fast as I leaned down to her face crashing my lips into hers.

I nibbled on her neck leaving hickey as I did slow strokes; I pulled out and flipped her over on all fours and grabbed the handcuffs with the leash. I smirked as I put handcuffs on her wrist holding her hand from the back; she arched her back leaving her ass high enough for me. I admired her booty before going back in; I licked her cat from the back which made her moan. I loved Tracy's moan it sounded like heaven as I was sticking it back in my phone started to ring; I ignored it and got down to business. I started off slow which drove her crazy then sped up the pace; I grabbed her ponytail but not to hard pulling it back to my chest as I pounded her from the back. "Fuckkk baby, Tracy moaned "who's pussy is this, I said smacking her ass "yours daddy, Tracy moaned "who's, I said "YOURS, Tracy said cuming. I pulled out and ate up her juices including her pussy; she tasted good like a strawberry type flavor. After I finished eating I took the strap off and laid it on the floor; I got out the bed and went to go check my phone to see it was a call from my mom. I raised a brow because it was odd my mom would never call unless it was a emergency I quickly called her back.

-yeah mom what's wrong??
-it's jordan she's in the hospital
-what why?!?
-she was hit by a car
-what hospital is she at?
-glenday and I can't leave work Taylor please make sure my baby is okay
-I will Mama I promise!

I hung up and quickly got dressed and slide back on my sandals; Tracy sat up with confusion on her face "what's wrong baby, Tracy asked "Jordan is in the hospital we have to go now, I panicked "okay I'll grab the keys, Tracy said. She jumped out of bed and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a shirt with her Jordan's; she grabbed her phone and the keys as she hurried down the steps behind me. We left out the house and went to her car getting inside "where is she babe, Tracy asked "glennday, I said "okay I know a shortcut hang on, Tracy said scurrying off.

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