Unexpected ~How To Train Your Dragon Love Story~

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ALRIGHT! Story takes place after the the end of HTTYD, the first movie! Alright? Okay :)

I wanted to write a story with also Astrid as Hiccup's love interest so I have stories with someone else as Hiccup's love interest and Astrid as Hiccup's love interest :)

Well hope you enjoy both anyway :)



Life in Berk will never be the same after what Hiccup did for us. He did us all a favor, and I'm proud that Stoick is proud of him.

Hiccup. That little scrawny boy. He was scrawny, but that wasn't what I saw in the inside. He was tough, brave, and dedicated. That day I discovered Toothless, was the day Hiccup changed my view of him forever. I no longer saw this loser who we thought couldn't even carry a battle axe for more than 20 seconds. I kinda felt guilt for picking on him before. He really proved us wrong.

Now, we saw a boy that can take down a humungous beast with his tamed dragon. It was all a first for me. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was the boy I never thought I'd like, or maybe even love.

That is, until now.


I woke up to the sound of my Deadly Nadder, Stormfly, snoring lightly near my fireplace. I sat up and yawned as I stretched. Stormfly was the companion I've never had. Seriously. I never had a pet, and now I have Stormfly, she wasn't my pet but my best friend.

"Stormflyy, time for breakfast" I shook her gently. She woke up with a pur and instantly got up happily at the sight of me.

"Let's go eat" I opened the doors to let out Stormfly so she could fly to the feeding place nearby. I walked out and smiled as the sun was shining brightly today.

I went to the Great Hall and saw Hiccup with Tuff, Ruff, Snotlout and Fishlegs. I went over to their table.

"Ooh here come's the hero's damsel" Ruffnut teased Hiccup. Hiccup glanced at me and blushed slightly.

"Shut up guys" I sat down in between Hiccup and Fishlegs. I glanced at Hiccup.

"Morning Dragon-Tamer" I nudged him.

"M-morning Astrid" He looked down and I just shook my head playfully.

"So what are we gonna do today?" Snotlout asked everybody.

"Let's go do something dangerous" Ruffnut clapped.

"Something stupid" Tuffnut replied.

"Anything that involves our feet placed firmly on the ground" Fishlegs crossed his arms.

I thought of something to do. Since we have dragons and we loved flying them, why don't we try out for some dragon racing?

"Hey, I know what we could do" I flicked my blonde bangs away from my face.

The others waited for me anxiously.

"Let's go Dragon Racing" I smirked.

"Uhhh" Hiccup started.

"AWESOME" Snotlout yelled and all the vikings turned to him.

"Carry on" Snotlout cleared his throat.

"Let's do it" Tuffnut stood up and the others followed. They walked towards the exit.

"Yeah" I said and went after them and Hiccup caught up to me.

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