Youth Fall Part 2 - Assignment

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It is said that time can fly by when you're having fun, she supposed that it would be true since after seven years with the Agency she was having fun despite the nature of her job.

Odd really that she found enjoyment in erasing people who were seen as threats to those in power. She wondered if it made her a sadist or a monster.

"Target in sight" Another person in a suit marked as a threat, she had lost count by now at how many people in suits she and her co-workers had been sent to erase by this time.

"Clear shot?" Adam asks through the comm clip. The area was crowded which meant a high risk of hitting someone else, that had to be avoided.

"No" Lisa reports. "Too many people. I'll need to get close to tag them, have a clean up crew ready for a quick clean up" She couldn't risk any potential civilian casualties that could potentially harm the Agency, the Agency had public support but that meant that any agents had to avoid harming anyone who wasn't a marked target if they wished to keep that approval.
It made the job harder, aye, but it was better to have that support than not since they had no support from the United Earth Government that the Agency had been formed to keep in check should they become as corrupt and greedy as the governments of old.

If any civilians were harmed by any agent then that would result in a serious media shit storm and the Agency's future and ability to do their job would be compromised fast, the UEG was always looking for any excuse to be rid of the Agency since they felt that they didn't need to be monitored so much.

"Cleanup en-route to you, just get it done" The order was given as always with the trigger command and she simply replied with, as always:

"Understood" Removing the programmed tag from the rifle's clip and packing up quickly, Lisa heads down into the thoroughfare once done and tracks her target by foot.

It was another busy shopping day with people going to and fro buying things that they may or may not need along with some socialisation and some shopping alone.

It seemed a bit less lively though, almost muted in a sense as if people were just going through the motions with little thought on it. She and the other agents have been noticing a change in the public over the past few years, as if the people are acting in a more programmed manner than in any individual manner.

Of course that was a pretty ridiculous notion though, maybe it was just how it seemed once the trigger was activated and the person was suppressed for a short time while the trained assassin was on the hunt.

She had a job to do after all and she had to focus on that, always got to do the mission regardless of personal feelings.

Her target pulls off from the crowd into a shop and she follows them in, a book shop by the small of it. Old leather, paper and stale coffee.

"Bookshop by the bagel shop, he's going to the counter" She had to catch him alone so that the clean up crew wasn't interrupted.

"He'stalking to the owner, handing him a book. Not sure what it is, that will need to be checked by clean up" It didn't seem suspicious but it was better to be sure than not.

She browses the shelves as she keeps close, buying a couple of books while she waits then follows after her target once he leaves.

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