Chapter Sixty Four: Memories

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The years after Eleanor was born had been what one would expect. Filled with laughter and tears, both happy and sad. After years of changing diapers and kissing wounds, you find it hard to believe that it's your daughter's twenty-fifth birthday. You sit on the bed and look through the box of journals that you had kept throughout the years. You hear the bedroom door open and look up to see Tom standing there, as handsome as ever.

"Hello, my love."

"Hi," you smile.

He sits next to you and gently kisses your forehead. "What's all this?"

"My journals. In this box is every journal I've ever kept since I was twelve."

He runs his index finger along the spines of the books. He stops and pulls one out, flipping to a random page.


You walked through the front door to see Tom running toward you. He slid across the wooden floor on his socks and ran into you, stopping himself just enough as not to knock you both to the floor. He giggled but composed himself before his true excitement showed.

"Darling," he growled in a low voice, alerting you that were talking to Loki and not your husband.


"I'm afraid that my brother has found us and is attempting to recapture the princess."

"The princess?"

"Princess Eleanor of the House of Hiddleston. I've got her locked away, but it's only a matter of time before the Son of Odin discovers her whereabouts."

Just then, your four year old son threw open your bedroom door and came rushing toward you holding a plastic Thor hammer that Uncle Chris got him for his birthday.

"Where is the princess, Loki?" the boy growled in a low voice.

Tom smirked at the boy before wrapping an arm around your middle and pulling you back against his chest. "Put the hammer down, Thor, or I will capture this dashing young woman as well."

"Leave the queen alone, Loki!"

"Not until you put the hammer down."

William narrowed his eyes before slowly lowering the hammer to the floor. Tom grinned before grabbing your chin and turning your head to look at him.

"One kiss before I release you, my queen?"

You smiled and slowly moved your face toward his before pulling away and running toward William. Tom feigned a hurt expression and you giggled.

"Are you hurt?" William, eh hem, I mean Thor, asked.

You got down on your knees and shook your head. "I am not hurt, because you have saved me. You're my hero, and I shall reward you with a kiss." You placed a peck on his cheek, which he immediately wiped off.

"Mum! Stop it!"

You giggled. "Sorry, sweetie."

He looked at you, making his blue eyes even bigger than they already were. "Mum," he whispered, "I'm Thor!"

You nodded. "Okay, I'll stop embarrassing you." You turned to Loki. "My prince. If you would be so kind to lead me to my daughter, I would be forever in your debt."

"Will you now?" he smirked. You nodded and gave him the sweetest smile you could conjure. "Alright, my queen. Follow closely."

He led you into the kitchen, where you saw your two year old daughter sitting quietly in a laundry basket playing with her dolls. At the sound of people entering the kitchen, she looked up to see you. She grinned.

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