Ch.6 Womanizer

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Grimmjow came back after I fell asleep after a month being stuck with him, it just hurt me more since he been sleeping with a different girl every night.

He just arrive for when he sleeps, to eat and just because he has no other place to go. I haven't had courage to stop his game but just stand by his side. To be honest I just want to get him out of my world and leave this to the forgotten.

My friend Connie came over to hang out with me, when he bother to mention that Grimmjow ask her out and I knew he was just going to use her so I warn her.

"Connie please don't see Syo I don't want your heart broken. it'll hurt me a lot"

Connie the got self defensive,

"(______) you're just jealous"

"No. Connie listen to me"

"No the problem is that you like him and your trying to ruin my chances with him. I thought you be glad for me to find love but I guess I was wrong"

"Don't do it"

Without any word she march out my room, I felt crush inside. I may been a bit jealous but I want her to escape the pain before it was too late. I fail to convince her.

I went for a little walk when I bump into someone, I couldn't believe it. It was first love, that bastard. Gregg smile and said,

"(_____) you're looking good, is been a while since we last encounter"

I walk past him but he caught my wrist saying,

"I never meant to hurt you. Would you just give me another chance?"

I couldn't contain my tears as I cried out,

"You rape me and abandon me to die. And you think is right to show your face"

"I know is crazy"

"Bastard let me go. I can't forgive you"

"Let me love you one more time than wait for someone who won't and run with other woman"

"I just can't"

He pulled out a necklace, it look familiar. It was mine.

"I kept it. I always thought of you"


"Meet me tonight for a movie and a lovely dinner"


He put the necklace on me, I look at the the stone for a while and look back to his face.

"Later beautiful"

As we parted I didn't know if I made a mistake, but it was something to keep Grimmjow off my mind. Speaking of the devil there he was. He then ask me,

"Have you found anything?"

I sight then reply,

"Yeah I got this book at some antique place where black magic is done. We can open a portal to any dimension"

"What do I need?"

" Have one of your friends read it to you"

"We had a deal"

"And I'm keeping it, but it doesn't mean I need to do all your bidding"

"Give that damn book"

"Here you go"

"According here I need an object that relates to the world or dimension, then I need to draw a circle with some weird writing and put some candles. Then chant some Latin words"

"Seems easy"

"Yeah yet there's nothing here that could lead me home"

"So.....did you slept with.... Connie?"

"Your friend with the red hair?"

"No, why you ask?"

"Please spare her, I don't want her going to that suicidal path again. I don't want to lose my friend"

"I'll try not to. But she's going to fall anyways"


A few tears escape from my eyes,

"Why are you always crying?"

"Is nothing"

"Don't tell me you thought I was going to slowly fall in love with you like your novel that you wrote about me. This ain't a fantasy face the facts and reality"

"How did you know all that?"

"I got bored and found it in the forest where some stuff got burn"

I drop it when I saw him coming from the sky as I started to run, I remember.

"Is not about that"

"Oh really?"


"I guess there's nothing holding me back now"

"Why were you holding back?"

"I know you're obsess with me I didn't want to hurt your feelings as I return the favor for everything"

For some reason I was shock and I thought,

'He didn't want to hurt my feelings......did he honestly admit he felt guilty.....why would he be concern about what I think....?'

Soon enough I snap out of it, then reply

"Go ahead I don't care"

"Fine, see you later"

Grimmjow flew out of sight. After he left I felt heart broken by what he said, why did I ever thought he would change into a good man? I guess I have to get ready for my date, as he said there's nothing to hold me back now.

to be continue.......

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