x Z a y n x

I woke up in my clothes that I wore yesterday. I turned and in shock I didn't even remember , Natalie was sleeping right next to me. I smiled. I rubbed my hand gently through her hair. Suddenly a small knock hits and I turn and I felt my heart jump. A woman was standing at the door. It was Natalie's aunt Lisa.

"She uh..I..Um..We weren't.." I clued her in.

"I know." She mouthed with a giggle. "Come on down for breakfast ." She called with a small chuckle.

I tugged the blankets off of me gently and got out of bed. I put on my leather coat and grabbed my phone. I headed to the kitchen and noticed Aunt Lisa sitting by herself with a cup of coffee, Natalie was asleep- Yeah , she looked beautiful though. Aunt Lisa didn't look her happy self as she was last night. She looked kinda down.

"Good morning ,Zayn." She called as I sat down. "Morning" I replied and smiled slightly. It was way too early for my mind clock. I turn to notice Natalie's aunt , she was preparing eggs and bacon on the stove top , but something didn't seem right about her.

"is there something wrong?" She looked up at me curiously "You look upset" I recalled.

She sighed and nodded. "Well for one , my niece is leaving today" she reminded me. I chuckled and smiled. "Don't worry, one day Natalie will visit again" I said trying to cheer her up.

"That's if her father lets her." she added. I looked at her in shock.

"What do you mean? Of course he will, you're her favourite aunt ever." I recall from remmeber Natalie telling me last night. She shook her head.

"Zayn, has Natalie told you her mother died?"She asked. I nodded.

"Well after she passed away here in New york, Natalie's father refused to live here and told me that any of his children wouldn't go a foot near my house or even New York City." she said and sighed.

"Natalie used to live here? Like in New York?" I asked. She nodded. "Wow , she never told me that." I added

"I woulden't blame her." Aunt Lisa confessed.

"She was born here, but her father refused to keep her here after her mothers death and said that this place was too hard to live in because everything reminded him of her" She said.

"So he moved out and took Natalie with him" She added.

"That must have been pretty depressing to watch her leave like that" I added. "What did Natalie think of all this?" I asked.

She shook her head and sighed. "She was too young to understand." I sighed and put my hand on his shoulder gently.

"Everything will be alright." I say with sympathy. " Well that's what his brother Cameron assumed but, Andy didn't agree , he was always so stubborn. " She confessed

She shook her head and changed the subject " What would you like for breakfast Zayn?" She asked. I sighed.

"Anything is okay Mrs.Maxwell, Thank you. I might have to wake Natalie soon so we aren't late for the flight back home." I added. She nodded and put some fruit in a plate and put some toast in the toaster.

x N a t a l i e x

I walk into the kitchen yawning. "Morning." I say to everyone.

"Morning" Zayn whispered smiling. I giggled. "Morning." He came and pulled up a chair to my seat and Aunt Lisa set down my breakfast for me.

"Thanks aunt Lisa" I said and smiled. She sighed and smiled and then went to another room. I looked at her curiously and then looked at Zayn picking up a piece of toast smoothed out with Cheese Whizz

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