Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

After he jerks his head I follow him down a corridor. I begin to look around it, rolling my head side to side and back to front. The aesthetically pleasing black and white interior and the red and golden furniture was nothing but clean and rich. The corridor is a large space with doors gripping on each side of the walls. As my heels clicked on the wooden floor boards and the wheels of the luggage hummed against it, he stops at a door and begins to speak. He gestures his tattooed hand to the door, 'this is my room, please don't go in without me knowing.' His eyes have a stern look to them but he tries to smile gently.

I always considered myself a respectful person to others privacy and wellbeing but I also considered myself to be selfish and nosey sometimes to people's privacy and wellbeing. A side of me knew I had to respect what he says, it's his house and his room after all, but the other half itches at my lips, begging him to ask what's so important in there that he would even have to bring it up to not enter? Wouldn't a normal person just say it's their room?

I smile and nod my head up at him as he swings himself around to continue to walk. As I have already looked at the space already I decide to focus on him. His back muscles moved in a symphony, they perch up and it couldn't be hotter. They suddenly stop moving as he spins around again. He gestures his hand to another door and he smiles not parting his lips though, 'This is your room. Your room has an ensuite, a walk in wardrobe and a king size bed.' I raise my eyebrows and laugh a little. I nod my head as he begins to open the door for me.

'Way to go for remembering all that.' He chuckles and bites his lower lip for a split second. 

'It's the same as my room.' He winks and swings the door all the way open for me. 'Huh.' I roll my way in and lay my luggage down as he follows the same actions as mine but puts the luggage on the bed, not the floor. Once I stood up I take my heels off and begin to scan the room.

One side of the room has a window overlooking the vintage houses, small shops, and cars that drive past. The other side has the ensuite and the wardrobe Harry spoke about before. In the middle of the room, the bed sits neatly. Cupboards, computer tables and stuff like that are neatly spread along the bedroom.

Once I was done I turn to Harry. I watch his eyes first as they slowly make their way back up to my face...he was sneaky. He smirks and he gets off the door frame he was just leaning on. 'In the ad on the website, it said you had two study rooms?' I ask twiddling my fingers.

He nods, 'yeah, you want to see them?' I smile widely and I nod at vigorously. I needed a spare room for makeup and the camera equipment.

He leans out of the doorway and I walk in front of him and walk the opposite direction we came in. I hear him shut the door and I can hear him walk behind me. He leads me to a door that is off to the side of the lounge room and he opens it. An empty room. 'The other one I use for storage, you can too if you're up to it but this one all yours, since I have no use for it.' He smiles and I step in and spin in the room. 

'It's perfect. Thank you, Harry.' I stand and smile at him. He looked so handsome at this moment. The natural sunlight bouncing off the white plain walls of this room hit his features so well.

'Well, get settled down and I'll order some food for lunch, sound good?' he gestures his hand outside the room, with his raised eyebrow. I nod and agree with him.

While he walks off I turn back to my room and begin to unpack.


I sit in the study room now figuring out what I should do with the plain box. After numerous Google searches and Pinterest pin boards, I decided. I had to eventually fit my camera equipment and all my makeup in here. I decided that I would drag the computer table from the bedroom and put it in here. Then I'd go out and see if I can buy some cupboards and accessories to stuff my makeup in, maybe an Alex nine drawer. I'd see if I can buy a small television to keep me entertained in my bedroom. Maybe that PlayStation 4 I saw in the lounge room I can sneak into my room as well, and Harry doesn't seem like a gamer anyway. 

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