(17) Native Language

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"Mamá, ¿dónde están mis zapatos? (Mooooom, where are my shoes?!)" You whined, looking around the living room.

"Ah! ¡No tengo idea de dónde está! ¡Tú eres el que lo está poniendo en todos lados! (Ah! I have no idea where it is! You're the the one who's putting it everywhere!)" Your mother replied angrily from her room.

You groaned.

You looked around again in hopes to find a glimpse of your goshdamn (F/c) converse.

You saw a (F/c) thing behind the caramel couch that you had in your living room.

You got down on all fours and crawled to the said couch just to peer behind it.

There, you saw your (F/c) converse.

You reached out a hand and grabbed them both, pulling them out of the couch while mumbling to yourself, "Aha! ¡Finalmente le encontré! Tuviste que hacerte difícil encontrarte, ¿eh? (Aha! I finally found you! You just had to make it hard to find you, huh?)"

You got up and sat on the couch, pulling on your shoes.

You stood up and grabbed your phone while yelling, "¡Mamá! Voy a ir a Hiro para pasar el rato, ¿de acuerdo? (Mom! I'm going to Hiro's to hang out, okay?!)"

"¡Bueno! ¡Ten cuidado! (Okay! Be careful!)" She shouted back.

"Will do!"

And with that, you closed the door.

You hummed your favorite tune while walking to Hiro's.

What was with the unusual language, you may ask?

Well, you and your parents once lived in Mexico.

Your father had a promotion on his job, making your whole family move to San Fransokyo.

San Fransokyo was a nice place. Filled with very advanced technology. It sometimes scares you that with the advance technology everywhere, some could result to illegal things..

Like, for example: Bot Fighting.

Bot fights are illegal here in San Fransokyo.

That's why some people keep them secret.

Bot Fighting is a battle between two robots of two opponents.

Both of the opponents must put money on a plate for they have to bet.

Once the fight is over and the winner is announced. The winner will take the money and leave or stay and play again.

But some fights had been resulted to violence which is why it is illegal.

But your best friend Hiro says, "Bot fighting is not illegal. Betting on bot fighting.. Well, that's illegal.."

You'd just roll your eyes at him and give him an 'are you serious?' look. In which he nodded frantically and began to explain such facts about it, considering that he was an ex-bot fighter.

Anyways.. Back to explaining because the author is spacing out again:

You and your family know English and all but that didn't stop all of you to speak your home language which is called, Spanish.

You smile once you open the door and go inside. [You used the door that Hiro and Baymax came in when they were attacked by Callaghan. Plus Baymax was looow battery :3]

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