chapter 10

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sorry for the sporadic updates! i can't bring myself to update, i'm really anxious with what's happening around me, even though school was finished a week ago!!!


You finished setting up the chairs, as Nathaniel helped Marinette in lifting the huge cake onto the table. Today was Alya's birthday, and you planned on giving her the best surprise birthday party for her. Luckily, you had gathered all of your classmates to help.

You took a deep breath, glancing at everyone's works. Even Nino was there to help.

"Hey!" Kim shouted. "Could someone place the banner up top? I'm helping someone out," he requested before continuing to help Alix in decorating the closed park.

You immediately took action and ran towards the scattered long paper. "Got it!" You were about to pick it up, until a hand covered yours. You looked up at the intruder only to be met with his green eyes.

"Hey, Y/N." Adrien smiled, his eyebrows raising.

"Adrien," you replied. You looked at the banner before gazing up at him again. "Uh, you don't need to... help me. I could do it."

He grinned. "It's okay. I want to help. I'll be here to help you if you fall." Adrien grabbed the side of the ladder and motioned for you to go. You hesitated for a bit before climbing the steps with the banner and tacks. After pinning the left side of the paper, you proceeded to place the other side up. While steadying, you suddenly felt your whole body being shaken. You looked down to see Adrien jiggling the ladder, with a sly grin on his annoying face. You glared at him, as if warning him to stop.

He didn't.

You begged,  slightly dragging your words. "Adrieeeeeen!" He laughed at you, even saying that you're cute. "Stop!" You looked at his face before he pushed it too roughly. You failed to balance yourself as you went down and down, your gaze at the skies, praying that you only get a minor injury, or atleast just a slight concussion. You closed your eyes and waited for the hard impact on the floor, and possibly sauced with your blood-

"Oof!" Someone grunted. Your opened eyes were met with green ones, slightly furrowed in possibly worry or concern. "Y/N, you're so heavy!"

You scoffed and slapped him in the shoulder, jumping off of his arms. You pretended to brush the dusts in your clothes and looked at him in hesitation. "Thanks. I guess." You walked off, hearing him chuckle as he placed his hand on his neck.

Finally, the whole place was finished. Everyone waited for Alya and Nino to show up after he distracted her, like going to a zoo. Marinette came in with a birthday cake so tall that Adrien even came to help her. You shushed them after hearing Nino talked so loud; it was a signal that they're coming over pretty soon.

"Surpise!" All of you shouted. Alya gasped in surprise and screamed so loud. She ran towards you and gave you the biggest hugs.

"Thanks, guys!!" Alya exclaimed. "This is the best birthday ever!"

You beamed. "It's just getting started!" And on cue, Luka and his band played music as you all ate food at the table. Surprisingly, there were no akuma attacks like it was all set up to be a perfect day.

It was now time for gifts, and you were the first one to give your present to your best friend. Alya was really happy receiving it, she didn't care if it was big or small. As long as it was from the heart, she appreciated it. Everyone else gave her a gift; either it was homemade or expensive.

After all that, everyone danced again to the beat of the music. As they were having fun, you were at the tables, drinking punch. You watched them from a distance. Although you really wanted to dance, you admit that you're not really good at it. You just tapped your foot. That counts as dancing, right?

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