Chapter 23: Mistakes

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You're dragged to a small cell and thrown through the open doors alongside Jimin before the door slams behind the two of you

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You're dragged to a small cell and thrown through the open doors alongside Jimin before the door slams behind the two of you. You look at Jimin's expression: stressed and worn out— then you gulp and turn your head away from him.

"It's not your fault."

"What?" You ask Jimin, but he only turns his head and tilts it. "I didn't say anything." You roll your eyes and look away, this time sitting on the dirty floor and sitting with your legs crossed as you face the wall.

"How will we get out?"


Jimin jumps at your sudden outburst and groans. "Shut up, Y/N!" He complains, but you know that he's playing with you... right? You impatiently tap against the cold cement below you, waiting for him to say something else.

"Thank you."


Oh my god, you're going absolutely insane. You groan in frustration and grab your head and squeeze it. "Get out of my head..." you whimper. "What?" This time, it was Jimin speaking. "What?" You parrot, as if you thought Jimin was going crazy.

"Whatever. We need to find a way out."

"There is no way out," a familiar voice chuckles as Gunho makes his way into the room with the dungeon trapping you and Jimin. "Unless you die, of course, because then you wouldn't matter-"

"Are you saying Jungkook doesn't matter?!" Jimin barks, causing Gunho to smile and nod. "Exactly. How did you know??" With Gunho's snappy response Jimin runs up to the barred walls holding you and him in the smelly, dead container and grabs the poles of rusty metal. "Shut up," he growls, "Jungkook will always be more important than you, whether you like it or not."

He's saying this and he knows that Jungkook was a spy. Your heart warms due to the affection and love that burns for Jungkook, and the fact that it's coming from someone like Jimin almost makes you blush. "Gunho, why are you doing this?" You ask as you join Jimin in pulling and pushing at the bars. "What did we do to you?"

"You two are the only people who know that Jungkook was a spy for me, and now we have to kill you. Well, I have to kill you, and I have no problem with doing that."

"Over my dead body!" Jimin screeches.

Well... at least he tried.

"Jimin, just stop..." you sigh in disappointment and look back at Gunho. "Let us go." You had commanded him to do so as if he were to obey and unlock the dungeon and say, "Oh, okay. Sorry, Y/N..."

Of course, he doesn't do that.

"No. You will stay here for two weeks then will be sent to execution." And with that, Gunho slams the door behind you and Jimin before the two of you look at each other.

"Don't try magic," Jimin breathes once he sees you attempt to switch forms. "This is probably magic proof or some dumb shit."

"You're right," you sigh before looking down at four nails and a poster ripped in half.

"Can we use magic in the cell, as long as it's not affecting the bars??" You ask, and Jimin shakes his head unknowingly as he shrugs and grabs the poster. "This could only cover a really small hole, Y/N.."

"We go one at a time. Here's the story: you and I got into an argument so I left you here, or the other way round if you're going first."

"That will never work, Y/N." Jimin exhales as the words escape his mouth, a sense of hopelessness in his light and airy tone, and pivots to face the grimy, stone wall, and he just stares. "Y/N," he finally speaks after a long while, "Are we gonna make it out? Is this the end?"

"Shut up, Jimin," you scoff, "we'll make it out."

So the two of you end up laying down on the bacteria-riddled cement and stare up at the mossy ceiling as small crumbs of green bacteria fall to the ground from the corners of the room. "We'll make it out." Jimin repeats as a way of reassuring himself that there's still a small sliver of hope left.

Everything is falling on top of you, Y/N, you think to yourself, and it's all your fault.

"I'm sorry."

Apologizing is a good start to fixing yourself, and eventually others.

"I'm sorry, Jimin, that I dragged all of you guys into this," you begin, "it's my fault that you're in here. It's my fault that Jungkook died. Everything is my fault!"

A moment of silence follows.

"Yeah." His voice is so stern and rough, it sends chills down your already freezing spine. "It is. Everything is your fault, Y/N."

The reminder from you is no big deal, but hearing it from him makes you tear up.

"It is."

"But we all make mistakes," he breathes as he turns his head to face you, "trust me." You then turn your head to face him as he did to you and frown. "I'm sorry. I know it's just a word... I know. But it's all I have right now besides my heart and soul."

"I make mistakes," he says, completely ignoring your repeated apology. "I made a reeally bad mistake, Y/N.."


"Leesam was Hoseok's father, he told you this right?" You nod. "Yeah, he told me everything about Leesam."

"Gunho was going to kill me... but I was selfish, I was a bad person, Y/N. I told Gunho to take Leesam instead of me, and Hoseok was right there, but he still loves me, and that's only because he thought it was Namjoon who did that... that's why there's always tension between the two of them."

"Does Namjoon know this?"

"Yeah, but he's okay with it," Jimin coughs as his eyes glisten with tears. "He knows that I used him for myself, but he still takes care of me. He's still been by my side whenever I've needed him. Always. Him and—" he stops when he allows more tears to make an appearance. "Him and Jungkook were always by my side. Taehyung, too, but he drifted away after I had told Jin that Taehyung had ratted him out on killing a human, but it was me."

He stops, and sits up, and soon you repeat his actions. "Y/N, we all suck," he laughs, and his slightly creased lips let tears fall into his mouth. "We really do. I suck, and honestly? You suck, too, but in your own ways."

He pulls you into a warm hug and keeps you there. It takes you a while to finally hug back, and when you do, Jimin pushes you away.


Why would he be sorry? That was nice. His warm, comforting embrace was so pleasant and the eyes you were just looking into were so warm and loving, despite the fact that a few seconds ago they were violently piercing right through yours.

"Don't be sorry," you chuckle and look into his eyes.

And he looks into yours.

Heck, should I do it?

The thought swarms your head without ease. We're having a moment, you think to yourself. You open your mouth, as if you were to speak, and Jimin takes it another way as he slowly leans into your face, and at this point, you're frozen.

And he kisses you, right on the lips.

Then, your mind drifts off.

You and Jimin are a toxic combination. The other day you thought he hated you, and now the two of you are kissing. Its a kind of love thats fueled off of hate. It makes no sense, but at the same time it sounds so exact, so right. You manage to drift off so much that you fail to notice Jimin's warm tears touch your cheekbones.

"Are you okay?" You question Jimin, who finally breaks his lips away from yours to look you in your eyes. "I can't do this."

"What do you mean?"

"Y/N... how do I feel about you?"

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