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Haii guys!

I'm so sorry I haven't got the time to update because of exams ( not like I update when I don't have✌ ).
But I just wanted to inform you all that i am going to be changing the group name because it's kinda lame *ahem* yea so I wanted to change it but I don't have any name in mind right now that might be suitable...
I wanted to ask if any of you have a nice name for the group and also a fandom name which matches the name of the group...
Please comment if you have any girl group name that I could use!

EDIT: I will not be updating the next chapter until I find a good name for the group and fandom.. (I need it for the next chapter)

That's all~
I'll try to update soon!
P.s: I'm still having my exam so it will take some time


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