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Chapter 2: Danny Ortega

     When I opened the door to my house I saw my cab waiting for me. I sorta told my dad that it would be easier if I bought a car in LA. I mean come on that's a lot more money than we need to spend. Buying a car here then spending more money just to send it to Cali with me. So he bought it but from a car dealership in California. I'll pick it up on Tuesday. I haven't seen the car yet. It's a SURPRISE! Note the sarcasm. I hate surprises.

   The ride to the airport was deafening. It was so silent. No cars on the street. No people outside walking around and talking. Just an awkward looking cab driver in the middle of New York headed for the airport. I had about three hours to kill before my flight would take off. It's only 4am and the plane takes off at 7am. I'm supposed to be meeting up with my wife.

   No, not my literal wife. I'm talking about my best friend Casey. She's the best. We've been best friends for about 17 years. Our parents are great friends. They have Sunday brunches together every week. My dad had to work tonight so we said out goodbyes yesterday before he left. We don't really talk much. (Sigh) I just hope my roommate isn't a pain in my ass. My cousin told me a story once about how weird her roommate was. Long story short her roommate masturbated a lot, and it is not a pretty picture.

After a while, maybe half an hour in a cab in total silence we finally pulled up to the airport. I decided that I'd get a cup of coffee before I made my way to my gate. But fate had a different plan.

"The next flight to Los Angeles, California will be leaving in 15 minutes. I repeat flight j27 to Los Angeles, California will be leaving in fifteen minutes." Are you freakin kidding me right now?!! Ughh! Now I have to run. I hope people know I don't mind cutting lines. Just as I thought when I walked up to the security check there was a looooong line. People just moaning and groaning about how long they'd been waiting. Shoot! So I got to the back of the shortest line. It had about 25 people on line but it's not the worst. Lord knows these people take two years to check one person and move on!

I started to get nervous as I looked down at my watch. Time was going by so fast. I look around for people I knew. Then I saw him. Danny Ortega. The hotty of our town. I gotta try something. So what did I do? You guessed it...I ran up to him. I'm desperate.

"Danny! I really need your help." He was at the front of the line, just about to be checked.

"What's up Meagan?" I really hope he doesn't say no. I need to cut the line right now. Wait...he knows my name? He remembers me? Ugh not now Meagan.

"My flight leaves in 10 minutes tops and I'm running late. Can I please cut in front of you?" I plead with my voice and eyes. My breathing speeds up. Even if he does let me cut him I'll have to travel the fucking world to get to my gate. This is why I should've ran track. Or just woken up on time. Ugh!!

"Oh yeah, yeah sure. Go ahead. My flight leaves in 2 hours anyways." My eyes go wide and I engulf him in the biggest hug yet. I hardly know the guy. Sure we were in every grade together but we never really talked. Yet here I am hugging him because he saved my ass.

"Thank you so much!" I hand the tall woman with sleek hair my bag and let her search me.

"Do mind putting your hair pin in your travel bag miss?" The lady asked me in an Australian accent.

"No not at all." I take the pin out of my hair and grab my bag. Sliding the pin into the side compartment. The next thing I know I'm running for my gate in hopes that Casey was already here.

"Flight j27 to Los Angeles, California will be leaving in 5 minutes. Again flight j27 will be leaving in 5minutes." Shiiiiiiit! I'm not gonna make it. My phone starts ringing and I check the caller id. It's Casey! She's going to kill me. She is going to skin me alive.

"Where the hell are you?! You know what never mind that. Follow my instructions. Keep walking straight until you see gate g23 then make a left babe. Go straight until you see gate j23 and make a right. Oh and sweetie. RUN!!!" I hang up the phone and follow her instructions. Straight then a left. Straight then a right. Finally I see gate j27 as the attendant is about to close the door. With Casey pleading her to hold the gate open. I run up to them and immediately hand the attendant my ticket.

"I'm so sorry love." I say to Casey as she stares me down.

"Ladies the plane can't wait any longer." We heed her advice and run. Once were on the place we find our seats. Fortunately right next to each other.

"What the hell happened Meagan?" I take a deep breath as I continue to try and catch my breath. "Hello? Meagan...I asked you a question. Where the hell were you?" She asks again this time even more annoyed than before.

"I'm sorry babes the plane wasn't supposed to leave until 7. You know that. I was here by 5:50. I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for..." I trail off from my sentence when I see Danny sitting right in front of me. Why would he risk missing his flight for me? We hardly know each other.

"Uhh." Casey says breaking me from my thoughts.

"Sorry. I was just saying that I would've missed my flight if it wasn't for Danny." I say sounding kind of spaced out.

"Ortega?!! Holy shit Emma that's huge!" She looooves Danny Ortega. As well as his brother. Johnny Ortega. Very common names if you're Italian. Anyways Casey's always called me Emma since we were kids. I have no idea why though. Meagan...Emma. I don't see it. But it's cute so I don't stop her.

"Lower your voice he's right there!" I yell at her and just then Danny looks over at us and winks at me. Well I think he did. Am I hallucinating right now? Did THE Danny Ortega just wink at me?

"He totally heard you." Casey laughs and I roll my eyes, Hiding my face behind my hands. "Hey at least he's into you." I chuckle at her statement. Yeah right. I mean sure guys have been into me I mean look at me. No, I'm not trying to come off as cocky, but I doubt Danny likes me. And besides the point he seems like a total player. Inside and out. Ugh!

"Hey." I say to Casey and she looks over at me. "Pinch yourself you're dreaming." With that I close my eyes and fall into my much needed slumber. My deep dark abyss.

5 hours later...

"Hey Meagan. Wake up." A deep voice whispers to me. I shuffle around but keep my eyes shut. "Meagan love. Wake up." That strong Italian voice hits me and my eyes widen at the sight of him. "Good morning. Casey's still asleep you might wanna wake her up." I shake my head at him ensuring him that I would do just that. I stand to my feet to say goodbye.

"Thanks Danny." I say in almost a whisper.

"No need to thank me love. I'll see you around." He takes my hand in his and lifts it to his face. Kissing it before he said goodbye. Leaving me in total shock.

"Oh. My. God! Casey wake the hell up!" I shake Casey to wake her not realizing her eyes were open. Wide open.

"I saw everything. He's so into you!" We both scream as we run to the door of the plane. But one thought wouldn't leave me alone. Could Danny Ortega be into me?

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