Part 5

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Hermione's pov

Today is finally the day. It's the first day of classes and i am very excited. I quickly got out bed and took a shower before changing. As I'm putting on my shoes i overhearing a few girls chatting away in the bathroom.

"Have you seen him? He is gorgeous. The boy most definitely grew up this summer. But what confuses me is why he is with granger?" I heard

I easily recognize that voice of Romilda Vane.

"Hermione is really pretty you know" I heard another girl say

"Sure. If you like bushy haired bookworms. Anyways i overheard Cho Chang talking about slipping Harry a love potion. She went on and on about Harry. I think she better watch out, i might get to him first" She says laughing

Soon i heard the voices disappear. I quickly grabbed my books and walked down to the common room to wait for Harry. I seriously needed to warn him about those nasty girls.

After a few minutes of waiting, Harry finally came down with Ron at his side.

"Morning Hermione" Ron says tiredly, i could tell he didn't want to wake up

"Good morning. Hello love" I tell Harry giving him a quick kiss

"Hey. So how are you this morning?" He asks placing his arm around my neck

"Good. But I do have something to tell private" I tell him casually galncing at Ron

"I will catch you two at breakfast" Ron says getting the hint, he then leaves us be

"So what were you going to tell me?"

"This morning i overheard Romilda Vane talking. She said both her and Cho Chang are going to try and slip you love potion. Apparently Cho has been non stop talking about you"

"Well thanks for the warning. Not to worry Hermione, i will never love anyone as much as i love you" He says, after nearly nine months of dating he still makes my cheeks turn red

"I will never love anyone as much as i love you either. Now let us head to breakfast. I'm sure Ron is waiting" I grabbed his hand and we walked straight to the great hall

Once inside we immediently took our seats next to Ron and Neville. Right now Dean was trying to explain what muggle sports are like. Of course they didn't understand.

"Ron, football is like quidditch but it's not on brooms and there is no snitch that awards you extra points" I briefly explained to them

"Then how do you get points?"

"By kicking a ball with your feet. You just kick it into the goal" Harry says further explaining it

"Wow. Muggles are weird" He says

Dean just looks at him like he is crazy. If the perspective was switched I'm sure muggles would think magic is just as weird.

After breakfast we all quickly walked to our first class. Both Harry and i have DADA with the slytherins. When we first walked in the classroom i could see Remus standing in front of the class.

"Harry!" Remus says pulling Harry into a hug

"Uncle Remus how have you been? I haven't seen you since the beginning of summer with the rest of the order" Harry asks

"It has been a good summer. I have just been dealing with the order business, you know trying to work everything out. I was happy to be offered this job once again" He says gratefully

"Sirius told us that you were returning" I tell him

"Of course he did. Sirius was never one to keep a secret. Now how are you Hermione? I'm sure you already begun to read your textbook"

"Of course I have"

"Wonderful. Now go to your seats. I can't be conversing with you two especially. We are more family than anything else" He says sending us to our seats

Soon the rest of the class walked into class and began taking there seats. Most of them are surprised to see Remus teaching again.

"Hello class! I'm sure most of you know me as professor Lupin. I'm glad to be back teaching. But before we get to that, let me make something clear. I have been told by the headmaster that i will not show any special treatment towards certain students, these students know who they are. I will not show favouritism....that is a promise. Now if these students show off or demonstrate their skills successfully, i will reward them. Understand?"

I looked around to see some people staring at Harry.

"Now everyone turn in your books to chapter 13. Ironically part of the curriculum is to learn of werewolves. Hilarious isn't it" Professor Lupin says before lecturing

After class....

Harry's pov

Professor Lupin's class was interesting. It was nice actually learning and understanding the subject. Of course their were some who thought i was getting special treatment. I answered one question and earned 10 points....Hermione answered every other question asked and i don't see anyone questioning her.

"Forget those people Harry. Remus already said he wouldn't give you special treatment" Hermione says noticing how lost in thought i was

"I know"

We eventually met up with Ron as we made our way to potions. It was the only class i was dreading, i have no idea if Snape still hated me.

We walked in and i could already tell Snape is glaring at me. I took my seat in between Ron and Hermione.

"Well if it isn't our little celebrity. I hope you don't expect me to treat you as one. Just because you defeated the dark lord doesn't mean you will do well in this class" Snape tells me

"I expect nothing special" I tell him, he just smirks at me

As class continued, for an even more ironic day we're learning about love potions. I learned from Hermione that a few girls are trying to sneak me one. It's just strange that these girls rather give me a potion instead of talking to me like a human being. Besides I'm in love with Hermione, so no love potion will change that.

Hermione also realizes the irony in the subject. I could tell she is paying extra close attention to Romilda who was sitting in the back of the class.

"So is it true Harry? There are a few girls who want to slip you love potions?" Ron asks

"Yeah. And it just so happens that one of those girls is sitting in the back of the class. Romilda vane" I tell him

"If she so much as comes near you with a drink i will hex her and send her straight to Madame Pomfrey" I heard Hermione say

"Someone sounds jealous" Ron teases

"Shut it Ron"

We continued brewing our potions for the next thirty minutes. I was rather proud of mine, i guess it helps having your incredibly smart girlfriend as your partner. I was going to be partners with Ron but i actually wanted to do well on this assignment.

By the end of class both Hermione and i got full points. Maybe Snape is going easy on us this year?

Once class ended i was on my way to herbology while Hermione had to leave for arithmacy. I hated not having a class with her, but we did agree to meet in our secret spot after classes.

After classes....

I went straight to the room of requirement to wait for Hermione. As i looked around the room i could still remember our first date, the most spontaneous dinner we had. It was wonderful.

"Lost in thought?" I heard her ask

"Yeah. We had so many memories in here. Remember the piano? Our first date?" I asked her, i could see the blush appear on her cheeks at that last one

"Of course. It is hard to forget the best moments of your life" She says

I quickly closed my eyes and i thought of the perfect setting. Once i opened them i looked around to see the night sky full of stars.

"Beautiful" She says as we took a seat on the blanket that magically appeared

We stayed there for the next few hours till dinner. It was absolutely perfect.

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