Post-it Notes

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Your POV

Oh my gosh! So fricking bored. I'm. Going. To. Die.

"Mom! When are we going to get to LA?" I shout to my mother from the back seat.

"Soon! If it weren't for this traffic, we'd be there by now," she huffed in frustration.

We were literally not moving. There has been an accident ahead and all of a sudden the cars just stopped moving. Inching forward only for a couple of seconds, then stopping again.

I sighed looking out the window next to me. There was a car, with a boy. He seemed pretty frustrated too. He's kind of cute.

I mentally scolded myself, Y/N! Now is no time to be goggling at boys!

I turned to look at him again and find that he's already been looking at me. I blushed and decided to wave.

He gave me a warm smile in return. His face lit up and he mouthed the words "hold on."

It's not like I can go anywhere else.

He bent down rustling through a backpack. When he came back into a sitting position, he had a pen and neon green post-it notes in his hands. He quickly scribbled onto it and stuck it onto the window.

"Hi, I'm C/N!" The sticky note read.

I grinned deciding to play along with him, taking out some of my own sticky notes from my backpack.

"I'm Y/N! Nice to meet you." I wrote and stuck onto the window.

"How old are you?" He wrote.

"Age," I wrote back.

"Same!" He grinned.

The conversation went on like that for a while until I came up with an idea.

I scribbled my number onto the post-it note and wrote "let's text" on the bottom.

He smiled and nodded as he took his phone out of his pocket.


C/N: You're really pretty
Y/N: Thanks 😋
Y/N: You're really cute
C/N: I know😉

I laughed as he looked up from his phone, giving me a cheeky smile.

C/N: Not tryin' to be a crazy stalker or anything but where r u heading
Y/N: LA to Name of Hotel
C/N: NO WAY! I'm heading there too
C/N: We should hang out
Y/N: Yeah we should :D
Y/N: Just make sure u don't tell my mom about the post-it notes and me telling u where I'm heading. She'd totally flip
C/N: 😂ok

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