Chapter 24: Misfits

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the 24th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I'm sorry it took me so long to update this book. I've been procrastinating if I'm being honest with you. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Let's get into this, shall we?*

(Japan's POV)

In the dining hall, all the nations, besides a select few, were eating and conversing. I sat with Lukas, Feliciano, and Toris. While we were eating  and talking about anything we could think about Denmark approached our table. "Umm, sorry to interrupt but could I borrow Norway for a bit?" He asked a bit awkwardly. I exchanged looks with the others at the table before we all nodded our heads.

Without skipping a beat Denmark quickly grabbed Lukas' arm and pulled him out of the room. I stared at the door a few seconds after it closed. I wonder what they would discuss. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried...

(Norway's POV)

After Denmark asked to speak with me I was immediately pulled out of the room. Denmark was walking fast, it was becoming hard to keep up. I tried tugging my arm to free myself, but he only tightened his grip in response. However, he did slow down his pace after noticing my difficulty keeping up. He made his way to his and Sweden's shared room.

I was swiftly pulled inside. Before I could say a word I heard the sound of the door locking. I turned around to face my friend, "Denmark wha-" I began to ask but was stopped when I was roughly shoved against the wall. I looked up shocked to meet a cold gaze. I was shocked, Denmark has never behaved in this manner before. At least not to me before.

I turned my gaze downward to avoid his, yet I could still feel it boring into my skin. "Why are you being like this?" I lifted my head up at this. "What are yo-," again I couldn't finish my sentence. "You stopped talking to us, to me. Did I do something wrong?" At this I shook my head. He didn't do anything, "no," was my reply, "I guess I got occupied with Japan and the others." I replied offhandedly.

Denmark, however, did not take this lightly. "Then, stop hanging out with those misfits, and come back to us!" I was shocked. Did he just call them... misfits? "Who exactly are you calling misfits?" I asked. "Oh, Norway you know what I mean. We haven't even talked about-". Before he could finish however, I cut him off. It seems like there was a good reason for it then.

"What are you talking about?" He questioned. "Well those misfits seem to be the only people that actually care." I replied coldly. I shrugged off his hand from my shoulder and started to walk away. I felt Denmark's hand reach for my wrist. "Norway wait!" I scoffed. "If you will excuse me, this misfit needs to join his friends." At that I promptly walked out of the room.

(Japan's POV)

After lunch everyone began to file into the conference room again. After a bit Norway entered the room, followed by Denmark a bit later. I shot a questioning look at Lukas, but he merely shook his head in response. Before I could say anything to him Feliciano stood at the front of the table with the book. I gave the other Nation a look that said, 'we will discuss this later', before turning to face my ally. Italy was quick to start reading.

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to be a human. How wonderful would it be? Sure, you die sooner. But you get to fall in love without it being a problem. You could find someone to actually grow old with. You wouldn't have to be alone and watch a lot of your friends die while you lived. It must be nice...

I felt a twinge in my heart at these words. This was a topic commonly thought about amongst every nation. Yet, it was taboo to talk about amongst each other. Being somewhat important led to more suffering than good. I mean I would know after my many centuries of life.

Dear Diary,

I still can't forgive myself for what happened to Jeanne, I try and hide the pain with a smile, but it's still there. Everyone thinks I hate England for her death, but... I could never bring myself to hate him... I only hate myself.

This too tugged at my heartstrings. However, for a different reason. I had never had this experience, always choosing to not interact with any humans. However this event had been particularly impactful in France's life. To hear that he only blamed himself for her death brought even more grief to my heart. One glance and England told me he felt the same. With a bit of hesitation, Feliciano began to read again.

Canada wasn't hurt when France had to give him to England after the Seven Years' War. He was hurt when France had the opportunity to take him back, and he didn't.

At this I glanced at the quietest nation of the whole group. He was promptly looking at his hands in his lap. You could tell that he was still deeply hurt by this. When I looked at France, however, he portrayed a different emotion completely. He seemed shocked by this information. That in itself left me... baffled. Again Feliciano began to read again.

England took Canada away from France. So France took America away from England.

Throughout the whole reading most of the nations had kept quiet except for the few occasional whispers. However, this time not a sound was made. The whole atmosphere became tense as everyone looked between a wide-eyed England, a regretful looking France, and a.... America... oh no.

*and that ladies and gents was the 24th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I hope you all enjoyed and it sorry for the wait. Anyway I'll see all of you next time, Bye!*

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