Chapter 20: And Nothing but the Truth

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the 20th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I've been reading your guy's comments and already have some things planned for the future so keep an eye out. Anyway let's get into this, shall we?*

(America's POV)

Me and Feli sat in the dining room talking about whatever came to mind for a good 20 minutes before anyone started entering. Nobody seemed to pay me or Feli any mind. While it was a relief to a certain degree, it felt... crushing. I sat there for a bit wondering if this is how my brother felt, which caused my mood to drop significantly.

I tried my best not to let it show though, as I knew the Italian nation across from me was experiencing the same kind of turmoil. Alas, As he was one of my close friend he saw right through my facade. Upon noticing my mood switch he placed his hand on mine and gave me a small smile.

I was quick to return this gesture before I saw his eyes widen and he recoiled his hands down to his lap. I looked at him worried and confused before I looked around me. I didn't see anything that could have possibly caused such discomfort the the nation, which only heightened my worry. Feli stayed mostly quiet throughout lunch, only adding a few things here and there.

Soon the lunch break ended and we all made our way to the meeting room. Or at least, I was before I was quickly yanked into the bathroom. I felt my back land against the cold tile wall. Upon opening my eyes I came face to face with a very displeased German nation. I saw him look me up and down as if assessing me before he scoffed. "I don't know what he sees in you."

After that he left the room I was alone with my thoughts. One thought just kept coming back to the surface. 'Who was he talking about?' I shook my head before fixing my clothes and entered the room where all the other nations were already seated. I took a seat next to Japan this time and scanned my eyes across the room before me. Only a few things in particular caught my eye.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that Feli and Germany seemed to be exchanging shuttle looks toward the other. Somehow they never caught the other staring which just ended up bringing down their moods more. I frowned at the sight, it was oddly puzzling. You'd think after finding your past lover you'd be lovey doves and all over each other, but it wasn't like that at all.

The second thing that caught my eye was how Japan and Norway were having a staring contest across the table. It wasn't hostile or suffocating like Feliciano and Germany's though. It was more like they were both communicating without talking. They didn't even appear to use facial expressions

The last thing that caught my eye was the way that Spain was all over Romano, or as he would want to be called South Italy... bad habits are hard to break... Dang it don't get distracted! Anyway, after the sweet little diary entry moment we had previously it seemed Spain didn't seem scared to be super attached to the Italian. Although, the Italian nation appeared the same, give or take the small smile on his face, albeit a bit terrifying... it was nice to see. Much better than the permanent scowl he seemed to always wear.

(Sweden's POV)

As everyone was chatting and discussing certain trivial topics, I made my way to the front of the table. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't consider reading, but I felt a psychological pull toward, like something important was about to be revealed. Upon taking my place at the head of the table the chatter slowly began to quiet down. Once the room was completely silent I began to read.

Sweden knows he's good-looking and attractive. He tells random girls sometimes that they look beautiful. He actually has a more flirtatious side towards girls, but his stoic side is shown more when he's with Finland.

While it was a bit uncomfortable to talk about myself in 3rd person, I found the book told no lies. This had been one of my daily habits, as many of the female nations could vouch for, though I feel the last part could be taken in a more harmful way than expected. Upon looking up I saw that Finland had a look on his face that reminded me of a kicked puppy. I felt the urge to go and reassure him that he was thinking wrong and that he didn't make me uncomfortable, but decided against it at the last minute.

When Sweden has something in his mouth he only pronounces vowels.

While this statement was not entirely wrong, it wasn't entirely true either. I saw my family chuckle a bit at this entry and I let out an amused snort myself. The reason this entry isn't true nor false is because when I eat instead of actually talking I'll make pleased sounds instead. It's a weird habit I'd had since I was young that I guess I never outgrew. After my family ended their giggle fit I began reading again.

The Nordics have a Minecraft server they play in together. Denmark is often a troll and decides to destroy Sweden's castles, but then everyone else teams up on Denmark and kills him with meat, just to humiliate him.

I felt Denmark glaring holes into me, more than likely upset over the fact that his humiliation was told to the world. The others didn't seem to find that our little family secret had been revealed either. I could only shrug my shoulders at this. While news of our server had gotten out, none of them new which server it was so we'd still be left alone. Unless Iceland randomly invited Hong Kong onto our server. I swear at this point that boy might have an even bigger identity crisis.

Dear Diary,
I really hate it when other people say Finland is weak; he's gone through many hardships and accomplished so much. I wish I could tell him more often how proud I am of him.

While I was reading this entry I made eye-contact with Finland the whole time. I knew this entry by heart. I must have read and written it on many desperate occasions for that to be possible, but it was the truth... and nothing but the truth.

*and that ladies and gents is the 20th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and I'll try and upload the next chapter soon. Anyway thank you all for reading and I will see all of you next time, Bye!*

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