Chapter 17: Why Didn't You Just Say So, Dummy?

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*Hello everyone and welcome to the 17th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I'm sorry for the long wait but without further ado let's get into this, shall we?*

~3rd person POV~

Before anyone realized night had fallen over the group of nations. At this revelation most of the nation's retired to bed. The small group went to their secluded room, and the others retired to their normal bedroom. Everyone but two. America and Norway stayed in the meeting room together.

Even though Norway had managed to calm down the American awhile ago neither had made the suggestion to leave. America didn't because he couldn't face anyone, nor after that rejection. Norway didn't because he wouldn't leave without America wanting to.

For whatever reason Norway felt a wave of protectiveness toward the younger. It may have been because he was alone and vulnerable. It could have been he was the youngest of them all. It didn't matter if he knew why though. All he knew was he wouldn't be leaving the younger alone anytime soon. At least not by choice.

Norway's POV

I wasn't sure how long I say there consoling the younger nation. Even after he had calmed down I still held him close to my chest, letting him listen to my beating heart. Finally, I heard the younger utter a word, though it was rough and broken. "Why?"

I stood their for a second, considering his question. "Why did I stay here when everyone else left him?" I let out a soft chuckle as I began to card my hand through his hair. "Because you can't be alone to suffer. No one deserves that, especially you."

He didn't respond upon hearing this so I got a bit worried. Luckily though I didn't have to wait any longer for a response. "You didn't have to stay..." this one sounded very different from the last one. While it was still broken and rough this time it was also very... tired. Both mentally and physically.

"I know," I said comfortingly, "c'mon we should get to bed, everyone else already is." At this suggestion though he held onto me tighter and shook his head. Right as I was about to inquire about this he spoke. "I have no where to go. Canada hates me and is probably sleeping in another room. My bedroom is too lonely, and you have someone in your room."

I looked down at him considering this before I kissed the crown of his head. "I can stay with you in your room tonight then." He looked up at me, his eyes searching for something. Betrayal, hesitation, hatred? I couldn't tell. After awhile he meekly nodded his head. Silently, I pulled him to his feet and led him to his bedroom.

I saw his hesitance to enter the room so I entered first, looking around to guarantee it was empty. When I found no soul inside I led him to his bed and helped him get ready for bed. When he laid down I stood only to feel him reach out a grab my arm. I looked down and saw his face flushed, obviously embarrassed. I smiled down at him understanding and joined him in the bed, pulling him into what I hoped was a comforting embrace.

America's POV

After I was enveloped into Norway's embrace I felt myself relax a bit. Even if I had cuddled with my brother in the past, it never felt as comforting as this one did. Maybe it was because I needed it more than ever. Maybe it was because he was here because of his free will. I felt the grip of sleep start to take a hold of me not long after being embraced by Norway.

Unconsciously, I snuggled closer to the warmth of the others chest. "Thank you," I murmured toward him, "I love you..." after uttering that word I drifted off to sleep, feeling the reverberating chuckle of the oldest chest before he uttered something back, though I never got the chance to hear it.

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