Chapter 16: They Left Without Knowing the Truth

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the 16th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. Before we start I want to inform you that I will not have any schedule for uploading as that is very hard to do especially with school for me. Anyway with that being said let's get into this, shall we?*

(Italy's POV)

After we finished reading a bit about Hong Kong and Iceland we decided to break for lunch. Currently I was sitting at a table with Lithuania, Japan, and America. Our group was steadily growing and I felt like there would definitely be some new people joining soon. Call it a hunch but I just had that feeling.

I sighed happily as I looked around at everyone at the table. While yes we looked pretty normal on the outside we were far from it, but we're getting better. Japan is smiling more and is talking to America more relaxed than he has in years. Lithuania is also adding more to the conversations now. America is even eating a bit more, while it's not a monstrous amount of food it's improvement.

America seemed to notice my lack of response during the conversation. "Is everything okay Feliciano?" He asked in low voice as not to draw attention to the use of my human name. "Everything's perfect!" I said happily flashing him a genuine smile. At this everyone else smiled as well.

The conversation continued comfortably, talking about whatever came to mind. Though while we were having this conversation America kept looking at someone. I followed his eyes before smiling to myself. Yes, someone would be joining us very soon.

(Romano's POV)

After lunch ended everyone filed back into the room to read the book again. While I still was a little disheartened I still had to be here or else the others would get mad. While I hadn't been present when the others continued reading, Canada had left the door open so we could still hear the others reading. I guess the book had a loop hole.

I looked over to my brother who was happily sitting next to Germany who also seemed quite content. I felt my stomach twist sourly again, before I quickly diverted my attention. I just wouldn't look at them for now.

The one who was reading this time was China. Though not willingly, I guess paper, rock, scissors wasn't his thing... anyway, he quickly flipped to the last turnable page, muttering angrily under his breath. Without reading it over first he just read straight off the page giving us no preview of how bad it was.

Alfred is jealous of his brother. He's quiet. He's loved. No one expects anything from him. Alfred would give anything for that invisibility.

Everyone either gave a solemn look towards the two of them. Some even had the courage to look regretful. One part for forgetting Canada, the other for pressuring America along the way. I silently scowled at those who did before turning back to China who read again but chose to skim through it before reading again.

Both America and Canada have an intense fear of being alone. America feels isolated from the other countries because of this power. Canada is terrified that there will be a day he forgets himself.

(France's POV)

I looked over at the two countries that I watched grow up. Though they were very different they were also incredibly similar. This, sadly was one of those things. The thing that I hate the most about it is the reason they feel separated is because we all set them apart from us. They probably felt like they only had each other, even then that could have been iffy.

I saw China give the twins a sad glance before returning to reading. While he skimmed it he made a face as if he had eaten something sour like a lemon.

America hates the fact that so many people mistake Canada for him. He wants the other nations to see Canada for who he is: a strong, loving, and downright awesome person. He feels that it brings Canada down to be mistaken for him.

I looked once again toward the twins and saw my old colony giving America a living and warm smile. One which America immediately returned. Nothing like sibling love can be so heartwarming. Again China read the next one over. Though he tried to not give it away a small smile made its way into his face.

Dear Diary,

Today America took me to Disneyland and was really eager to show me something. He made a park devoted to several nations around the world. And... Canada was there. It was one of the first ones there actually. I was touched. He really remembered me!

(China's POV)

America looked over at his brother slightly offended, punching him lightly on the shoulder. "Of course I wouldn't forget about you! Do you really think that low of your own brother?" He asked a bit hurt. Canada smiled slightly shaking his head. "Not anymore at least." He commented playfully. I smiled at there display before turning back to the book and reading. This time though I didn't read ahead thinking it would be good as well. I really have bad luck.

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I wonder what what Canada would do if I told him he once had a little brother? I wonder what Canada would have thought about him. They seem very similar, sometimes so much it hurts. I know it's too late, but all I can say now is that I am sorry, Canada, for killing a brother that you never knew, and I'm sorry Confederacy, for making sure you'd never meet him.

The whole room was silent, no one made a sound. It was as if all the light playfulness had been taken out of the room, only to be replaced with shock, and anticipation. Everyone turned to the duo who had been the center of attention this reading. Canada looked over to his brother his look unreadable. I saw him glance at the door before he abruptly stood, and walked out of the room. Everyone was shocked for a minute before they slowly began to file out as well. No one as much as glancing at the American. It wasn't long before I joined them.

(Norway's POV)

America had his head down, hands in his lap after everyone had left. He was so quiet and still, almost like he wasn't there at all, like he was dead. That was until I saw him start to tremble a bit. It wasn't noticeable at first, just his hands shaking a bit. Soon it began to travel up his arms, only to land heavily on his shoulders.

I should have left him like all the others had. Nobody but me stayed, not England, not Italy, not even his own brother. Why was I still here then? I quietly stood up and made my way over to the American. He didn't look up, probably assuming everyone had left. I stood in front of him for a minute before I pushed his head to my chest and began to rub circles too his back.

He went rigid for a minute, almost as if he was trying to hold his broken mask together again, before he let his mask crumple. I felt his hands grip the back of my shirt like it was a lifeline as he stopped trying to hold in his tears. Out of everyone in the meeting I stayed.

No one stayed after hearing the wards about America's past. They left knowing he feared loneliness the most. They left knowing he was the youngest official nation. They left knowing he regretted his past. They left knowing he felt separated from the rest of us. Yet they left without knowing how well he was a putting up a facade, how attentive he was.

I noticed him staring at me after Iceland and Hong Kong's reading. He was the only one to see through my facade. One can only figure out a fake so easily though is to be a fake yourself. They left without noticing a nation was silently falling by themselves. They left behind someone who needed help. They left without knowing the truth.

*and that ladies and gents was the 16th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. Thank you guys for supporting me in this book, even if the updates take forever. I hope you all enjoyed and I'll see all of you next time, Bye!*

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