Chapter 14 : Welcome Home

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to another chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. Before we begin I want to apologize for such a long wait. Normally I would have a really good reason for it but I'm gonna be honest. I was lazy. I sincerely apologize for making you wait for this. So here you go, let's get started, still we?*

(America's POV)

Silently Kiku led me out of the room to our established club room. He opened the door letting me in first before silently following me in. Once we were both inside, the door was silently closed. I turned and faced Japan. No words were exchanged though. We both just stood there, staring at each other. Examining each other.

After a long moment Kiku's stern face melted away. Though instead of happiness replacing it, it was sadness. Without missing a beat he engulfed me in a hug, to which I gladly returned. It was foreign to hold the smaller frame of my old friend, but there was comfort in it. Not that one was proven wrong. But that they could heal old wounds they had made.

(Canada's POV)

I don't know how many times me and Romano ended up hanging out since this nightmare began. It wasn't that I hated it though, far from it actually. I just never thought I would be conversing with one of the angriest nations. After having been with him though I noticed that under that hard, cruel shell. Was someone who was just... scared, and alone. Someone who had been wronged one to many times. Someone who decided the best way to not be hurt by anyone anymore was to completely close of the way to their heart. Someone... like me.

Even if he would never admit it out loud I could tell he appreciated my company, just as much as I did his. He even remembers my name when he talks to me. It makes me feel... loved. It wasn't like America and France didn't love me or forgot about me. I could tell they did dearly, it's just this felt... different. It wasn't in a way that you found someone you loved though. He was more like the brother I never had.

Once again I found myself having a conversation with him. This was one of the times Spain wasn't around so we were able to talk more comfortably about more serious topics. One that came up was our younger brothers.

"I don't hate him," he said with a thoughtful look on his face, " I could never." Silently I nodded my head. Hearing him talk about his sibling reminded me of mine. "It just hurts some times to know that people show more care towards him. I matter to don't I?" He asked looking my way.

At this I nodded as well, I knew how it felt to be overlooked. Especially by the ones you loved. "I think the only thing that hurts more than being disregarded is the fact that he's become distant." He comments while glaring down at his hands. "He's my brother we should be able to find comfort in each other. Yet, it feels like there's this wall between us. Like were in two different worlds. Like were on two different playing fields." Romano explains. "I feel like he's growing farther and farther away from me."

(Italy's POV)

Me and Toris were having a pleasant conversation with each other. Even if I was doing most of the talking, it felt nice to know that someone was listening. "Lithuania?" I asked, being careful to not use his human name. At this he hummed in acknowledgment, turning to face me. "What do you think is going to happen after all of this is over?" I asked him.

Toris thought about it for a minute before he shrugged. "I can't exactly be sure on what will happen." He answered honestly, "but." He said silencing any response from me. " I know one thing. And that is everything is going to change." At this I nodded my head. Before I could ask any further questions, Toris let out a yawn.

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