Chapter 25: The Last Person

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"Strike!" I yelled and started dancing around in a circle.

"That was luck," Rashad said brushing off my first strike of the night.

"Stop being a hater," I said rolling my neck.

"Look at the score, we are whipping y'all, ain't nobody hatin," Rashad said shaking his head.

It was Saturday night and our last night together as a family so we all went out bowling together at a nearby bowling alley. Tyrell and Rashad were playing against me and Robin on one lane, while the grandparents played against all three girls in the next lane.

What I originally thought was going to be a rough vacation, turned out to be anything but. Thanksgiving night, after we went to listening to live music, Rashad and I got back to the house and wasted no time making love. There was something about that night that took me back to the first night that we made love. We struggled to keep quiet because of where we were and we our bodies reacted desperately to each other. Rashad wasn't resistant with me or staring at me with curiosity, he was his normal self and treating me as if nothing had ever happened between us. I was encouraged by it all, I was ready to do the work it took to move forward to work on our marriage.

We even spent all Friday, sneaking off around the house to get quickies in or finding excuses to leave so we could have more sex in his SUV. It reminded me of the first years of our marriage, being with him was exciting all over again. The pain inside of me had gone numb. By the time we got to Saturday night, we felt like a whole family again. We even discussed our upcoming counseling session and him moving back in after that session.

"Strike!" Robin squealed and started flinging her long dark hair as she walked back towards us. I jumped up to give her a high-five. She was the same peanut butter shade as Geneva and was so prissy that it was more cute than annoying.

"That's it," Tyrell said standing up, "we gotta do something or we will never hear the end of it." Tyrell was just as handsome as Rashad, both men resembled their father who had chocolate skin so smooth that it truly resembled a candy bar.

"I told you that we were gonna make a come-back," I told them.

"Don't get too excited," Rashad said picking up his bowling ball and walking towards the lane. We still have half a game to go.

"I've gotta go to the bathroom. I'll be right back," I announced as I walked off in the direction of the bathroom.

While washing my hands, there were two women talking and one of the voices sounded familiar so I looked into the mirror to see if I knew the person talking. I met so many people in the area through Rashad's family, that I expected to see the face of a family friend. At a glance, I didn't recognize either woman's face, and when I noticed them looking back at me, I smiled.

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