My Bad

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Okay. This is an apology. I just really hate chapters that say "Sorry" because, I feel like sometimes, they really aren't. So, I'm sorry, and I realize this is my bad doing.

I've been hiding for a while because of something really stupid. I can't. Do. Meruem. I just can't! I've just tried so many times- and I've reached a certain point in his scenarios- then I'm just blaaaaaaank. So, yeah. Writers block. Happens to the best of us. 

But since I'm holding off on Meruem's scenarios- as I need more time, I've just decided to show all you guys just how sorry I am! Because, I hate when people say they're sorry, but then, they don't do anything about it!

I'm NOT! Going to do that!

Which is why, as my whole apology, I've been working on 20 whole chapters that will come out back to back to back to back to Lolzzz

Starting tomorrow by the by

And for all you dirty little sons of beaches, I've even made a chapter called "First Time" you bet! It's your first time having-

So! Get ready! Get set! And read on!
Well, you'll actually have to wait until tomorrow XD 😁😂

Is my apology accepted?


(Also there will be a breakup scenario soon, for that one requester! I gottchu! Don't worry!!)


Laughing over laughing zebrassss

Meruem is just held off for now! While publishing the 20 chapters, I'll be working on his scenarios! And I've decided to skip the ones I can't do!!!


Hope you're excited!! I ammmm!!

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