First Day of Hell

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P.O.V. Cupcake

Beep! 'Just a few more minutes I thought to myself.' BEEP BEEP! Oh please let me sleep. " Come On Cupcake you need to get up no ones going into work for ya!" A voice said. I woke up with a start looking around. That voice it sounded like ........ No he's gone. " Right I have a money job now" I said to Pake. Pake is my cat, turning off my alarm clock. The people a.k.a Starbucks employees sent my uniform two days ago. I got up out of my bed and looked around, again because I swore I heard his voice. I, just in case, locked the door and covered the window. I slipped off my pj's and folded them. Throwing the clothes across the room, I slipped on the new outfit, Pake looked at me with his one good eye and then eyed the mirror. I looked in and what I saw was actually quiet nice, it was me ugly as ever except the green actually looked good on me. Still had my scarf tied around my neck, though with the black of the under shirt looked good. I smiled at Pake, " Keep out robbers and Palette yo know who he is most likely and Don't tear up the couch." I said. I walked out that room down the stairs of the apartment and into the sidewalk. It's only 6 am in the morning, but this is the time that muggers and other people don't hunt the streets so this is when I go. I walk past Cut's house noticing that someone must have been watching me from the inside weird. Then I realized I Someone was watching me and they were coming outside. I booked it, before I heard my name being called by him. " CUPCAKE WAIT UP!" A voice yelled. I skidded to a stop nearly tripping over a rock. I turned around slowly to see that son of a bitch. " Pudding how good to see you now bye" I walked away, but he grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me back into him. " Cupcake~ I didn't think I said you could go~" That smooth voice of his could make my insides melt, but it didn't. " I have to go Now I'll be late for work!" I screeched. I wriggled out of his grip and practically ran. I saw the local Starbucks and skidded again through the doors landing on top of someone. " Unfresh I'm so sorry!" " ALRIGHT ASS- Oh Goth it's you sorry, you must be here to work!" Was Unfresh being nice? How odd, I got off of him and he let me up. " Just Cut will train ya oh and don't look now, but Palette it's right behind you." Unfresh replied. " Oh shit!" I moved faster and ran back into the work area ready for hell. I guess

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