Writers block *-*

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 I feel terrible because I had my updates going good until I crammed all my brains functions together and now I've had some serious writers block the past few weeks , this causing me to procrastinate everything even if I enjoy doing it. But now that my conscience is more clear I finally have the guts to get up and post dates so without further adue

Fireflies FMA Fanfiction: Probably going around this week ,and if it's not done by Friday I'm dead.

Those cold eyes of stone : Hopefully I can get the newest chapter up today ,I'm finally hitting the ending but it's going to have more chapters than the original draft so woop.

Flower Crowns: Is currently on hold ,me and my co-author are doing some heavy editing and actually trying to update the second chapter and I haven't a clue when we want to post it.

Jeff the killer sequel ?- Well I originally had it on hold but now that I have a juicy plan for the book I'm going to be rewriting it and it's going to start going up after I finish the first book or somewhere close to the end of it I think for fun I might release like a tease chapter in my update book ,not really a chapter but something fun haha 

Also!, the book that I'm writing with HalfMetalAlchemist, is being updated ever so slowly ,so if you want to see the trouble that Eclair and Kiomi can cook up please go read it if you uavent already it would be greatly appreciated ! The book is called Eclair and Kiomi  Destroy The World!

Thank you for reading, have a great day ! -Anime_Nerd36

Ps. I added a nice little song at the top because its cool and I hope someone listens to it haha

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