Chapter 11

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"And we've arrived!" Hiru exclaimed in enthusiasm as the both of them scanned through the area with sharp Eyes.

Everywhere they looked,they saw Omegas,or in other words,humans, chuckling happily and chit-chatting,not knowing that there were two Betas among them.


Can we even call Hiru and Jekyll Betas at this point?

While they walked through the sea of noisy people that was too crowded to even be called a sea at this point,a certain Albino-Nurse hopped onto a building using strings,and observed them from there.

Hiru and Jekyll found that it was no use to walk together if they won't even able to get somewhere due to the crowd.

Then,they both managed to ostracise themselves,in front of a store.

"Oi Jekyll..This is no use..We're not gonna get anywhere at this point- no wait,we can't get anywhere in this sea of people.." Hiru panted and sighed,with Jekyll nodding in agreement.

"I wanna go to a music shop,and I'm sure a demon-in-training like you won't understand, so let's split up."

"I have your number,and you have mine, so let's call each other to meet up again in a secluded space," Jekyll suggested.

Hiru hummed in response, indicating an agreement between the two.

"Wow,Tsubaki-San really did predict it," Otogiri mumbled to herself in astonishment,Tsubaki really did predict that this would happen.

They went their separate ways,with Jekyll heading back,and Hiru heading straight.

Otogiri was instructed by Tsubaki on the phone to follow after Jekyll,as Tsubaki thought that Jekyll would be the more reckless one,so she followed after him,and left Hiru alone.

  Her only wish was that Hiru wouldn't do anything reckless or remove the bracelet,but hey.

  No promises.

But for now,let's stick to Hiru,shall we?

Hiru stared at his bracelet while strolling by. He observed it,the bracelet was the pearl-types,just that the pearls were blue.

Each of the pearls had a Omega sign on it,just that some of the pearls had a Cross-Mark on top of the Omega sign.

The pearls that didn't have crosses,and the ones that did, alternated between the two.

He wanted to observe it even more,so being the simple guy he was, he removed it from his wrist,and lifted it up.

"'s the same no matter what.." Hiru mumbled to himself.

He brought his phone out,and started looking through an app called 'Wattpad'.

He kept the bracelet into his pocket,and started reading a story he really liked.

The story was called:


It consisted of Alphas,Betas and Omegas. Somehow or another,the main character,who was an Omega, became a mate to one of the highest Alphas around.

And his codename was:


That wasn't a typo,seriously. The 'i' is meant to be there,please believe me. I haven't edited this yet by the time I'm writing this.

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