18. Gone Wrong

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Albert watched the door shut behind Sarah and quietly shook his head. He knew who Edward Benedict was. He didn't know him very well, but he'd seen him around. And though he didn't want to admit it, they'd exchanged words a few times. He had no evidence to support his resentment towards the man. It was just a cold feeling in his gut, because Albert believed one thing to be true: Edward Benedict was no good.

He just didn't know what he could do to protect Sarah. When Albert came on too strong, she shut him out. He could see the way she yearned for independence. She wanted her freedom, and there was a large part of Albert that wanted to respect this. It was just difficult for him when he felt she was making the wrong choices, and in this case, choosing the wrong company. More than that, he felt that he was losing her. Sarah was growing up and slipping further away from him with each passing day.

Albert rubbed his forehead and gazed out the front window. He could see Edward holding the door open for Sarah, helping her into the car. He was making all of the right moves. Acting like the perfect gentleman. Albert clenched his arthritic hands together, grimacing through the tingling pain. He hoped Sarah would have sense enough to stay clear of trouble. He hoped she wouldn't fall for any of Edward's slick moves. Or his false charms. Men like Edward Benedict knew how to sweet talk the ladies to get their way.

Albert stepped onto the porch as Edward's convertible pulled out of the fenced lot. He folded his arms over his chest, but not because of the chill in the air. He glared at the car's retreating headlights, flickering through the thin spaces between the fence planks.

The car continued down the road into the darkness. Lights growing dimmer and dimmer. The half-moon overhead cast a curious glow off the back of the convertible.

And when he couldn't see the glimmer of the Paige Touring any more, Albert felt the light in his heart snuff out too.

He hoped Sarah would be okay as he wondered ...

What had gone wrong between them?

What had gone wrong between them?

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Author's Note:

In this chapter, I wanted to reveal Albert's view of Edward. More importantly, we now know that Albert really is looking out for Sarah. Maybe, just maybe, he's not such a grumpy old man after all.

Albert may not seem like a very complex character, but we'll discover that Albert is actually a multi-layered personality with some very interesting layers. Stay tuned!

And as always, thanks so much for reading, voting, and commenting.

See ya next week!



P.S. The chapter image above is what the half moon would have looked like on Thursday, March 7, 1918.

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