you cast a spell on me

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I saw the sexy Caucasian staring at me with passion from across the room. His sweater vest clung to his muscular chest. His dark eyes glared at me, making me a little uncomfortable. I knew I shouldn't have gone to bath and body works alone. He walked over, his heavily gelled hair swaying from side to side. "Hey, I'm drake. Drake bell." I couldn't believe that drake bell, the world famous actor and musician was standing right in front of me. The same Drake bell from my favorite movie, the fairly odd parents. I didn't recognize him, he looked so much more... Intense in real life. The sexy Caucasian took my breath away. I tried to speak but he put a pale finger to my lips "Shh baby I'll do the talking." His perfect face was so close to mine, and I could feel his hot breath on me, with the slight manly odor of beef jerky. "You smell so good" he huskily whispered in my ear. "What's your name beautiful?" he asked seductively. "S-sh-shadynasty," I said. "Ooh that's sexy," Drake murmured. A strand of his dark hair fell down across his face and he flipped his hair back up, his neck muscles flexing in the process. "Let's get out of here Shadynasty," he commanded. Part of me was terrified of his presence, but part of me desired his dark beauty. There was something magical about him. "Where are we going drake," I asked, a little frightened of what his reply might be.

Then Drake and I decided to take a break from chilling in his mansion. He told me we would go and see the sunset. "You wanna see something beautiful, baby? Come on, we'll take my Segway." Outside of his mansion, there was a jet black Segway with fire adorning the sides. It had property of drake bell spray painted on it. It looked a little dangerous, but I guess that's the way drake liked it. "Step on with me baby," Drake murmured. I stepped on the front and drake followed, closing the small gap between us. I felt his rock hard abs press into me through the sweater vest, and a chill ran up my spine. I felt something hot and warm on my neck, surprised by the texture and sensation but also somewhat oddly comforted. "Do you like the way that I can make you feel, sugar baby?" Drake teased me, continuing to drag his tongue up the back of my tingling neck. "Drake... please..." I gasped. I couldn't see his face, but I could tell that his beautiful soft mouth was twisting into a dark smirk. "Okay, let's go." He whispered seductively into my ear hole. "Most segways only go 15 miles per hour - but I did some rewiring to make it go up to 25. I hope you like it fast," he chuckled mischievously. What had I gotten myself into? The mysterious bad boy began to drive as we saucily segwayed into the sunset. Soon I saw the shadow of the giant building on the mountaintop. We segwayed up the mountain, drake exerting more energy to push us up. My heart raced, and I saw his beautiful forehead glisten with sweat. We pulled up to the big mansion. I walked into the grand room, and noticed the giant posters of drake hanging on the walls, each seductively staring right at me. In the corner i saw a large metal cauldron, which seemed out of place. "What's that drake?" I asked. He rushed to hide it from my sight. "You don't need to look at anything but me, baby," he said while using his strong grip to turn my chin toward his perfect face. Being alone with Drake was toxic, and I was afraid of what might happen next between us.Drake had insisted on giving me a tour of his mansion. The rooms were filled with Drake and Josh memorobillia as well as countless framed photographs of his best Twitter comebacks. "There's only one room left in the house that you haven't seen, Shadynasty..." I froze when he said my name, a shiver shooting straight up my spine. Drake leaned in behind me, his plump lips grazing my ear. "...And thats the bedroom." I felt my cheeks flush, fully aware of what the male was hinting at. Drake could clearly see how shy I was to accept his advances, which seemed to amuse him. I tried to pull away from him, but his bulging muscular arms quickly held my wrists together. "Now, now," he mischeviously chuckled. "I dont think that you'll want to miss out on this experience... the way that I'll make you feel will be almost supernatural.

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