|Thomas Shelby| "Scrap The F***ing Wedding."'

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The day of their wedding came upon quicker than you imagined

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The day of their wedding came upon quicker than you imagined. You felt sick to the stomach, but you knew that was a feeling that was not allowed to be felt.

You smoothed out the dark blue dress, it hugged your figure nicely, exaggerating your curves, you nervously tugged at it and jumped at the door swinging open.

"Grace? Oh my goodness, you look beautiful." It hurt to say those words but they were all but true. She looked stunning in her purple dress.

"Thank you Y/N but look at you? You look stunning!" She squealed.
"Its not too much is it, I--I don't want to stand out, it's your day."
"Maybe today is the day you meet your man Y/N." She smiled. "You look fine."
That hurt more than anything, because she knew nothing of your love for Tommy, or his love for you. The two of you would have hit it off, hadn't Grace entered the picture.

As Tommy put it, business got in the way.
That was all he ever said about anything.
That's all he cared about.
And that's what stopped you going for him.


You walked in, Polly by your side, you had always been her favourite and she would have far preferred you to be with Tommy than Grace.

You quickly alerted the attention of Tommy who stood near the entrance. He walked towards you and Polly, his attire made him looking more dashing than usual.

"Cold feet?" Polly questioned.
"Don't think so." He chuckled, neatning his attire.
"May I?" You questioned, featuring to his collar.
He nodded, you reached to his collar and neatened it out, before brushing it down.

"You look beautiful today Y/N..." He muttered.
"And you look dashing as always." You laughed.
He smiled slightly and then frowned at you.
"Don't be getting cold feet now Tommy, you're marrying the most beautiful woman you possibly could." You smiled, looking back up at him.

The choir boys started singing and you looked back over to Polly.
"Thats your cue Tommy, good luck. You'll be a'ight"
You then walked away from Tommy, his demeanour seemed to shrink, he slouched slightly and walked down the aisle as if he'd been hit by a truck. 

He reached the end of the aisle and turned back, facing you once more. You gave him a reassuring smile and a nod before turning to Polly.
"Ye' still love him don't ye'?" She whispered.
You glanced at her, wide eyed, "Polly not now... This ain't fair, he's with the girl o' his dreams now ain't he?"
"Polly please... Can we talk about this lat-"
With that the traditional theme played through the organ, snapping your attention away from Polly and to Grace who now stepped down the aisle looking  perfect.

Everyone watched in awe as she stopped at the front, facing Tommy. The pair looked perfect together and there was nothing you could have ever done to have been in Graces' place now.

Nothing at all.

"He loves you Y/N-"
"Polly not now..." You begged.
"Look Y/N, you're beautiful, smart, ye' care about our business and ye' aren't even a Shelby... I know what she is... It seems Tommys forgotten though... Now ye' on the other hand are a true Shelby, one day ye' will be a part of this family. You're a real Shelby gangster"
"... Polly, I could have done something, I just never 'ad the guts. " You muttered.

"Do you Thomas Michael Shelby take Grace Burgess to be your lawfully wedded wife."
Tommy looked at Grace and then looked towards you, you met his eyes and nodded your head, reassuring him with a smile again.

He shook his head at you and then looked at Grace and said something you couldn't make out. He then stepped away.
"I don't..." The room fell deadly silent. "I'm sorry Grace. It's not you..."

"What is he doin'?" You looked to Polly.
"He's pickin' you.."
"No... He can't..."

"Y/N..." Tommys voice brought you out of your thoughts. "It's you, always had been..." He stepped down the aisle towards you, you stood from the pew and stepped out from it. Looking at him, feeling everyone's gaze on you.

"Tommy... This ain't right. She is the woman you were to marry. Not me... We left each other in the dust and we had to move on..."
"I never did..."
"This ain't fair. I'm sorry..." You stepped back and turned quickly running for the door.

You ran out, tears streaming down your face from the guilt and the fact it had taken him so long to realise.

It was too late, he was about to tie the knot. He blew it.

You ran outside, turning to a nearby shelter round the corner where you stood, back against the wall.

"God damnit!" You yelled. Causing a flock of birds to fly away from a nearby tree.

"God damnit Tommy what have you done?" The tears continued to fall quickly down your cheeks.
"I made the right decision..." Tommys voice muttered, you looked up to see him walking towards you, you shook you head slowly.
"Why? You were so happy..."
"I wasnt Y/N- and neither were you..."
"It doesn't matter whether I was happy."
"It does to me, and I want you to be happy. I love you Y/N."
"And I love you bu-"
"Then why not tie the knot." He looked at you, stepping closer again, he cupped your cheeks in his hands and brought his lips to yours, passionately kissing you, pulling back for a moment.
"I thought you weren't one for marriage..."
"It's different when you really love the person..."
You blushed and kissed him back, it was wrong and you knew it but... Soon it would all blow over you hoped.


"Scrap the fucking wedding!" Tommy stormed in, Grace stared at him blankly, she looked at you and nodded her head, before walking to sit with her uncle.
"Rewrite the vows in Y/Ns name, were marrying today."
Graces uncle stood from his seat, growling aiming his gun towards you, Tommy looked over and quickly stepped in front of you.
"Don't you fucking dare!" Tommy growled.
John glared towards the man, "Shoot him and I'll shoot you all, you can watch em all die."
With that the majority of Tommy's side of the family raised their guns towards the cavalry. The redcoats sat down back in their seats.
You looked to the people in the red coats and shuddered. They were here for the wedding between Tommy and Grace not you.


"And do you Y/N M/N L/N take Tommy Michael Shelby to be you lawfully wedded husband."
"I- I do." You smiled, still feeling guilty but also elated.
"Go on Tommy get in there!"  John yelled.
"Bloody hell..." Tommy muttered.
You chuckled quietly.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
"Thank God." Tommy smiled before bringing you closer to him to kiss you.


Your family was always close to the Shelbys. So there was no need for fighting. It was usually just play fighting. No one actually walked home with a black eye.
Your family weren't surprised about the last minute decision. In fact they were delighted.

Tommy pulled you aside and gazed at you.
"You know I really meant it when I said you looked beautiful."
"I meant it when I said you looked dashing." You smiled and kissed him once more.
"I love you so much."
"I love you, I always have. Mrs Shelby." He grinned.
You laughed quietly and kissed him again.

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