Meet The Fam

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"Olivia Brooke Lybrant get your ASS BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" My second oldest brother, Dylan, screamed as he chased me down the stairs.

This was an often occurrence in my household.

Okay, so I might've, possibly, maybe just ran into his room, stole his phone, and ran. But hey! I had to fulfill my daily task of being an annoying little sister.

I sprinted down the steps and turned the corner, only to be grabbed by two, massive and muscular arms that could only belong to my oldest brother, Jackson.

"Woah, what's going on with you two idiots this time?" Jackson asked, lifting me up so I could use him as a human shield.

"The little brat stole my phone, again!!" He yelled, acting like a toddler.

Jackson and I couldn't help but laugh. He had that stupid smirk on his face that he's made since he was a kid.

"That's it," Dylan said, lunging towards me and pulling me off of Jackson's back. He grabbed me and threw me down on the living room floor, easily pinning me with one arm and pulling his phone out of my hand. With his football training, along with his job as a police officer, he could pin me in his sleep.

"What the fuck, Dylan," I snapped, still pinned to the ground. I could practically feel the glares coming from both of them.

"Language, Olivia," Jackson growled, using his scary voice he used often to intimidate me.

You see, because Jackson took over the parenting role in our family, he thinks he's in charge of me now or something. Ha. As if.

Taking the hint by his scary voice, I rolled my eyes and shut up. Usually I would put up a fight, but I was sore on this particular day. Didn't want to be beat up.

All four of my brothers are over six feet tall, athletic, and incredibly muscular. Don't get me wrong, I'm muscular from all of my intense gymnastics training, but I had nothing on them. Jackson is definitely the strongest of all of them. Would you want them to beat you up all the time?

"Aw, I'll let you up, babykins," Dylan laughed, pulling me up in a second, emphasizing that stupid nickname.

That stupid nickname.

"Don't call me that, I'm not a baby. I'm 14, and I'm in high school," I said, holding my nose high.

They stared at me for a second, looked at each other, and burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes and stomped upstairs, bumping into my third oldest brother, Ben.

"Watch where you're going, Livvy," He said as I rubbed my head. I flicked him off, which I soon figured out was a bad idea.

He lifted me up and carried me back downstairs, bringing me to the living room where Dylan, Jackson, and my other brother Ryan were now sitting.

"Put. Me. DOWN!" I yelled, pounding on his back to no avail.

"Aw, look who's back!!" Jackson teased.

I rolled my eyes for what must've been the 50th time in the past 5 minutes as Ben dropped me next to Jackson on the couch.

"The baby thinks she can get away with everything because she's in high school now!" Dylan mocked, faking a baby voice. He grabbed me in a head lock and ruffled my hair.

My squirms were fruitless attempts as I couldn't budge against Dylan's grip on my neck.

"Guys, leave her alone," My fourth oldest brother, Ryan, said, coming to my rescue once again.

Ryan stuck up for me some times, only if the older boys wouldn't tease him for it. He was only 15, a year older than me, but it was easy for him to switch sides because of his massive height.

Jackson, Dylan, and Ben all stood up, cracking their knuckles and glaring at Ryan.

He stood up, matching their height, and held his hands up in surrender.

"Hey, okay chill. Fine, I'm with you guys. Just kill Olivia and move on with life, Dylan," He shrugged, walking away and giving me a sympathetic look. Dylan smirked.

Ben must've gotten bored with all of this, so he went back up to his room after grabbing an apple.

That left me with my two favorites, Jackson and Dylan. At this point, I didn't even know what they wanted from me.

Jackson sighed. "Okay, I have to be the parent in the situation. You two need to stop fighting like children. Olivia, don't steal Dylan's phone anymore. Dylan, stop being an asshole."

Dylan smirked at me and walked away. I got up and hugged Jackson, thanked him for his help, and went back upstairs.


That was easier than it usually went.

Usually I ended up being chased, punched, pinned, tickled, or thrown somewhere.

Well now you've seen a glimpse into my life, so let me introduce my family more formally.

Jackson is my oldest brother, he's 22. He's my legal guardian, and also the guardian of everyone else in my family. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and he's 6'4. We have a love/hate relationship, but we all know I'm his favorite. He goes to community college part time, but mostly stays at home and manages everything.

Dylan is my second oldest brother, he's 19. Dylan is the meanest to me, but he loves me the most. He's just too much of a hard ass to admit his feelings. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he's 6'2. He's incredibly stubborn, just like me. He works as a police officer.

Ben is my third oldest brother, he's 18. He's a senior in high school, and we're not very close. He's always with his football friends. He's incredibly popular at school and he definitely uses it to his advantage. He has blonde hair and brown eyes, and he's 6'1. He thinks he's hot stuff and goes through girls like tissues.

Ryan is my fourth oldest brother, he's 15. He's a sophomore in high school, and we used to be a team against the oldest three. Ever since he grew to his height now, 6'0, he gets treated so much older, even though we're only a year apart. We're pretty close most of the time, and he's definitely the least protective of me. He's the soccer star of the school. He's incredibly popular, just like Ben. He's less obsessed with himself, though. He has brown hair and green eyes.

I'm Olivia, and I'm 14. I'm a freshman in high school and I'm a badass. Just kidding. Well kinda. I'm 5'3. I am a full time gymnast, and the highest level, which is 10. I also do school cheer. I have a best friend, Julia, and we've known each other since birth. I'm extremely scared of anything horror related, spiders, and Dylan. I'm super ticklish, it's scary. Although I'm scared of a few things, I'm a lot tougher than a lot of my friends. Being raised with four older brothers comes with its perks. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

My parents were Evelyn and Gabriel Lybrant. Unfortunately, they aren't with us any longer. Four years ago, my mom died from a rare form of bone cancer, which was a very quick death. Our family was torn to pieces. My dad couldn't take the stress or the grief any longer, so he committed suicide a year later. Our family completely fell apart. We struggled for a long time. Jackson took legal guardianship, even though he was barely 19. We would've gone to live with our aunt, uncle, and cousins, but they were in no means financially stable. Our parents willed us enough money to survive on. Somehow, we've managed to keep living on, day by day.

Life is tough, but we always make it through.

Hi guys!! It's Olivia here!! I just started this story today, 4/7/18, and I hope to update every day! Please let me know what you like, dislike, are confused about, or ideas in the comments! Please leave a vote if you like it.

See ya tomorrow!

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