~Chapter One~

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Dallas, Texas
[Two Years After Colin's Wedding]


This has been one crazy ride! It was mind-boggling, finding out that my brother, Colin and I are part of The Carrington Oil Family in Dallas, Texas.

I moved to Dallas two years ago and got settled into life at Carrington Ranch. It belongs to Colin and I now. The Estate is so huge, that I have my own wing. My brother married Bianca Thatcher, two years ago and they have a one year old son named, Colin Andrew Carrington. That kid has stolen everyone's heart. He looks so much like our father, the late, Nicholas Carrington. He has Colin's trademark hazel eyes which he gets from our mother, the late, Madalyn Carrington.

Aunt Ava, our second mom, lives with us at Carrington Ranch. It's been her home
for decades. We made it absolutely clear that this is, and will always be her
home. "I love you boys like you are my own son's." She glanced at Colin and I while lovingly, placing one hand on each of our cheeks at the same time.

She has become Baby Colin's grandma. Whenever he sees her his eyes instantly light up with excitement, and he reaches for her, "Up!" He grins, letting his new two top teeth show, and raises both of his arms high in the air for her to pick him up.

She grabs him and tickles him, as he squeals with peels of laughter. It is
one of her happiest moments. All of her grandchildren are teenagers now,
except for Baby Colin. After Colin and Bianca got married, I became the new
CFO, at Carrington Enterprises. They needed one badly, before I came on board.
My eyes nearly popped out of my eye sockets, when I saw the condition of the
financial books. I am a CPA, and I also hold a Master of Business Administration degree, as well. 

"Who is your CFO? He should be fired, immediately." I was serious! This was going to be a nightmare to clear up.

Grey and Colton put their heads down, afraid to answer my question.

Apparently, Colton had been keeping the books. He knew a thing or two, from owning two restaurants. They were relieved and overjoyed to hand everything over to me, and to have this position go to someone experienced, in the family.

Carrington Enterprises is currently under fire from Winthrop Oil. They have been slyly undermining our business, and stealing our long time accounts from right under our noses.  Jagger and his father, Philip Winthrop are at the center of the cause of this silent siege. His father is fuming over Colin marrying Bianca and becoming the heir to the House of Thatcher, and all of its holdings.

We still have plenty of accounts. . . But if The Winthrops keep up their efforts there are going to be financial repercussions, that will be hard to recover from. I'm going over everything with a fine tooth comb, now. We are all on high alert and on pins and needles to keep this family business thriving.

Grey met with Colton, Brody, Colin, and I, "We cannot let The Winthrops dismantle this business, that our great grandfather built. We have to stop the financial bleeding, fast! I can withstand a lot. But not when you mess with my family, or Carrington Enterprises. The five of us are, The House Of Carrington, and no one is going to come in our house, uninvited. The Winthrops will learn that lesson!" Grey pounded his fist into his hand, and then raked his fingers through his slightly salt and pepper hair.

He hung his head, as he was leaning over with both hands on the conference table, "I will not stand by idly, and watch someone unscrupulous, money, and power hungry, destroy our company for whatever reason." He blew out a frustrated breath.

We all sat there overwhelmed processing Grey's words, realizing we had a long fight ahead of us. . . We could lose all of our important accounts.

Colin's father-in-law, owns Thatcher Industries. He is one of the wealthiest men in England, and is flying to Dallas to advise us how to proceed. We have to block The Winthrops, from destroying our business' reputation.

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