That name sounds familiar for some reason. . .

Terrance seemed to know who she was because besides the time when he met his mate, his eyes lit up. "Sombra." He whispered. I looked at my Alpha and slightly frowned when he stared at her in shock. She looked up at him with an unknown emotion in her eye.

Sebastian cleared his throat, causing him to snap out of his trance.

"Sorry, my Gammas will show you your rooms and the servants will carry your stuff. When your done they will take you to my office."

"Sounds like a plan." Sebastian nodded before he and the others followed Terrance and May inside to their rooms.

"Hey Alpha are you alright you looked kinda out of it when you were staring at that woman?"

"She's my mate." He mumbled walking inside as well.


{Sombra's POV}

"And this is your room." The female beta May spoke, showing me the final room. I walked inside and looked around.

"It's beautiful."

"Thank you. If you don't mind me asking, where is your stuff?"

"Right here." I snapped my fingers and my luggage appeared on the bed.


There was an awkward silence after.

I can tell that she doesn't like me that much.

She better not start any bullshit.

"I like your rings, where did you buy them?" She motioned to my right hand.

"Thank you and I didn't buy them. When I was found, they were with me in a bag."

"Found, so you were adopted." She snickered.

"Yes, I was. Is that a problem?" I stared at her, my eye twitch.

Her eyes widened before she scowled. "Listen here you-"

"That's enough May, don't cause any problems with my friend."

We both looked at the door as a man walked in.

"Terrance," I grinned.

He smiled and hugged me tightly. "I missed you so much Sombra." Terrance mumbled into my hair.

"I missed you too."

He held me tighter. "I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything that day. . .I-I wanted to tell you so badly but the Alpha told me to stay quiet. But I never knew he would go as far as to sell you." His voice was wary.

"It's not your fault, if anything it's mine for being so naive." I pulled away and squeezed his hands. He looked me up and down. "You've gotten taller and matured a lot. What happened after you left?"

"I'll tell you later." I laughed when May loudly coughed.

"Oh, and this is May she's my mate. I found her 5 years ago." He informed, she went to his side and lifted her head in the air.

"I'm so happy for you Terrance." He grinned at my words but held an unknown emotion in his eyes before stiffening.

"Shit, We need you get you to the Alpha, it's getting late!" He grabbed my arm and ran out of the room, leading me to were the Alpha's office was. I hesitated to open the door.

"You ok?" He glanced at me with worry.

"Your Alpha's my second chance mate. I don't like that."

Terrance eyes darkened. "If he hurts you in anyway I'll kill him."

I giggled and patted his cheek. "I know you will." We then walked inside. Terrance went to Xavier's side while I walked to my Master's. "I apologize for being late." I bowed respectfully.

"Don't worry, we're almost done anyway." Xavier's face held no emotion as he leaned back in he chair. "We're just having a small disagreement."

"Which is, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Whether or not you should train the pack members originally from the Blue Moon pack." My Master told me, his arms were crossed. "He thinks because that your a women that you can't fight."

I snorted. "Bullshit. I can beat his ass right now if I wanted to."

Xavier growled, not liking the disrespect that I was showing.

"That's what I've been telling him." He sighed.

"I think that she should train then sir, I'm sure that she'll impress you if you'll give her the chance." Terrance spoke up, causing Xavier to glare at him a bit. Realizing that it was 3 against 1 he groaned. "Fine, she can train them."

Inori clapped happily as I bowed. "Thank you."

He grunted. "You two can start training them tomorrow, all of you except for Sombra is dismissed."

My Master raised an eyebrow before getting up with the others and exiting the room. Terrance looked back at me before hesitantly leaving as well. Once the door closed, Xavier got up and walked over to me. He was 6'5 which made me have to look up at him.

"We're mates." He stated.

"I know that."

He's eyes darkened. "I don't want you, your only going to ruin everything I've worked hard for."

"How do you know that, we just met?"

"I have someone else. Someone who's more suited for being a Luna." He quickly added.

"What the hell, You just take one glance at me and decide that I'm not good enough!? It hasn't even been an hour!"

Show this son of a bitch what we're capable of! The dark me whispered harshly.

"So? I don't care, I mean look at you. Hideous scars, a height and muscles of a man, an adittude, and I bet that you've fucked hundreds of men before-" I cut him of my grabbing his throat and slamming him into his desk.

"You. Don't. Know. Me. So don't assume things, Alpha. I'm hundreds times stronger than you so don't test me. I will destroy you." My voice had gotten deeper.

He paled, looking up at me with wide eyes as I sighed and leg go if him. Brushing of my top before smiling politely at him. "Have a nice day Alpha Xavier." I then casually walked out of the office.

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