Chapter 5

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{Sebastian's POV}

I looked out the window of my limo as my driver drove us to the Blood Star pack. Inori and Venom were on their phones while Sombra was fast asleep, with her head on my lap. The corners of my lips pulled up.

She's literally the definition of 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. Huh, I wonder how long it will take the Blood Star pack to figure that out.

"Hey Seb, which pack did the Blood Star pack merge with?" Venom looked up at me.

"The Blue moon pack. The Alphas of that pack didn't have a heir and the Blood Star pack didn't have any Betas or Gammas so they decided to combine the packs." I felt Sombra stir a bit before her eyes opened. She yawned softly and sat up.

"Had a nice nap?" I mumbled.

She rubbed her eyes. "Yes Master, forgive me for butting in but did you just say the Blue moon pack is now part of the Blood Star pack?" Her voice gotten darker.

"Yes. . .is everything alright?"

"That's the pack that abused me, treated me like fucking crap." She whispered, her body started to shake, her nails grew shaper, and the outer iris of her left eye turned black before turning purple and pink near the now dragon like pupil.

Venom and Inori paled. I placed a hand on her head. "Easy there Sombra, calm down."

She breathed heavily, and clenched her fists her tattoos began to appear on her arm and thigh.

"Calm down little one." I stroked the top of her head. 

She mumbled something under her breath, her body was heating up badly. I tapped her shoulder 3 times before she jerked up and her eyes quickly returned to normal. She sighed and looked up at me. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine. Now since that pack abused you I'll allow you to do whatever you want to them except kill them, until I give you the ok."

She smiled. "Ok Master."

{Blaze's POV}

My Alpha, Xavier Black, Terrance and his mate May, and Ashely and I all stood outside the pack house, waiting for the arrival of our pack trainer.

"Baby I'm tried of standing, let's go back to our room so that we can have some fun." She purred, placing a hand on my chest. I inwardly groaned.

Not only is she now annoying but she's boring when it comes to sex.

"Not now, Ashely." I gritted out before standing up taller when a limo pulled up.

The passenger doors opened and 2 guys and a woman stepped out.

"Sebastian, it's good to see you." Xavier stuck out his hand and he shook it.

"As to you. This is my closest friend Venom and his mate Inori. And this is my slave/assistant Sombra." he motion towards the car. A woman then stepped out.

She was hot.

She was 6'2 and had the right amount of muscle on her body, her eye was blue and had long silver hair that reached her lower back, the front part of it covered her right eye. She was wearing a tight black tang top that showed off the cleavage of her large breasts and curves, black jeans, beautiful rings on her right hand, and black flats. She also had a lot of scars. She looked around while walking up to us, giving a warm smile, I could tell without looking that Ashely and May were glaring at her.

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