No Control ~ 11 {Yoongi/Suga FF}

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"The problem is," he said as he leans in, "If I kiss you, I don't think I'd be able to stop."

Summary: Moving across the country.. can't be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn't know your way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy... the boy with the bad attitude...


"Y/N! JIMIN!" Taehyung screams and my eyes widen as they both looked our direction scared and caught off guard.

"You're welcome," Taehyung whispers in my ear and I looked at Y/N who was looking right at me...

I have no idea what made Taehyung do that... However, I was kind of happy he called their name out.

However, the moment I met eyes with Y/N she looked hurt...

I know she hates me now but I hope... If I confess to her it can lead us to where I want us to be...


Your Point of View

Just as you were so close to finally touching Jimin's lips... SOMETHING HAD TO RUIN THE MOMENT... AGAIN

"Y/N! JIMIN!" You two instantly pulled away and looked down finding Taehyung arms up in the arm waving them side to side and Yoongi just staring right at you...

What are they doing here? No most importantly, what is Yoongi doing here? How on earth did they even find you?

I glanced at Taehyung as he whispered something to Yoongi and you looked at Yoongi and then Jimin. You would be lying if you were to say that you weren't curious about what Taehyung must have told Yoongi.

"We should probably get down.." You told Jimin knowing the moment between of you was now completely ruined.

"Yeah..." Jimin says awkwardly and now the things between the two of you were completely awkward.

You don't seem to understand how it's even possible but every time Jimin and you are about to share a kiss it happens to get ruined because someone decides it's the perfect time to interrupt.

As you two were down from the tree, Jimin walked up to Yoongi and you followed behind him. There was tension, you didn't know if you were the only one who could feel it but it was pretty thick.

"What are you two doing here?" Jimin asks looking at Yoongi a bit confused.

"I could ask you the same thing," Yoongi says staring at you instead of Jimin. Could this get any weirder? Yoongi should be staring at Jimin if he's talking to him not me...

"I should probably head back," you said looking at Jimin as you placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder, smiled, and nodded his head.

Just as you were slowly walking away, you suddenly hear someone talking to you.

"Wait for me," Yoongi says now catching up to you and you stopped and just stared at him...

What? Wasn't he just a jerk to you like two seconds ago? Didn't he ignore you and wanted nothing to do with you?

Moments like this made you confused.

"Huh?" You blurted out showing how bewildered you clearly were by him.

Yoongi walked up to you and put his arm around your shoulder. You had no idea what Yoongi was doing and since you were still annoyed from earlier, you pushed his arm off you and continued to walk away from him.

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