Chapter 3!!!!

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Chapter 3!!!

Alex's P.O.V!!!

I find it odd Ayla and Kate know each other. Kate has hated everything when we met her. She joined us cause of her past. We only kidnap for money. We're heartless monsters though. We don't care for anything. We're soulless. Watching people suffer makes us happy. But I'm starting to change. This girl, Ayla,she's doing something to my heart. Like the Grinch. How that little girl opened his heart. Well I'm the Grinch, she's the little girl who opens my heart. I mean I'm the only one who doesn't like somebody. Kate and Josh have a crush on each other. The driver Mary and Matt. Oh no. Mary. I looked everywhere for her but i couldn't see her.

Then after about a minute of me searching with everyone confused I hear a slight cough. I walk over to the person who made it and laying there was a very beat up looking Mary,. She had scratches everywhere and bruises were showing. Blood was coming out of her mouth and she had blood all over her. She looked horrible.

"Matt! Get over her now!" I called to him.

He came over and gasped at the sight.

"Mary?" He asked questionably.

"Matt. I didn't see that car. I'm so sorry," She said.

"It's alright. We're all ok. Your going to be ok alright?"

"No Matt. I can't go to a hospital and i can barely keep my eyelids open."

"Don't go please."

"I love you Matt," was the last thing she said before her eyelids closed.

"I love you to Mary."

She stopped breathing after that. She died with a smile on her face.

By the end everyone managed to get there and hear everything. We all had tears in our eyes and Matt was the worst.

"Guy's come on. Give him some time," I said and left with everyone following.

"We've gotta stop. I can't do this anymore. It's killing me inside. Kate i love you. You opened my heart to happiness and I can't hurt anymore," Josh said.

"Josh, I love you too and i agree we can't do this anymore. It's killing me inside as well. I just cant do it anymore," Kate said.

"I can't either. It hasn't killed me but their faces they made me happy but I'm bored. I'm starting to like someone and she's opened my heart," I said.

"I never did this before but i don't think i have the heart. And I'm starting to like someone too. It's wierd and I know lifes not gonna gie me iet but its nice to imagine it," Ayla said.

"Then its agreed. We don't kidnap or kill," said Josh.

"Guys im gonna go check on Matt," I said.

"I'll go with you," Ayla said in a rush and we got up and left.

When we got their Ayla screamed. I looked and what I saw terrified me.


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