chapter 16: FEAR

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jk pov:

They are trying to keep that thing in place but it still moving i think thats why they are also moving

I took steps toward it to saw what it is

And for my horror I feel my heart just jump out of my heart there is jack standing while his shirt from collar is tatters and hanging low from his left side showing his chest and one arm his face covered in sweat and hair drenched but which makes me to turn all the mans in ashes and drain their blood from their bodies how dare . the mans trying to hold him and he is fighting with them but when I entered we make eye contact and the person who is trying to catch him caught both his hand; grab his hair in his fist, pull his hair and pinned him to the wall while his eyes just looking at me full of something I know what it is?

"Oh !!man you also came to have fun but this kid is bullshit and feisty but I think at last we caught him off guard."

"Lets the fun begin a man said"

"Yeah lets the fun begin" I said with chuckle when all other start staring at me

I pull my gun out from under my shirt and shot him on his head while zack start shooting other mans.

After 15 minutes the room is covered in blood and look like it's a human butcher shop where humans cut down.

I look around me searching for someone when I saw the someone holding his knees hiding and his face

I take step toward jack and try to touch his hand when he look up eyes puffy red with fear

When I try to touch his wrist again he jump back and drag himself behind a chair I know he is afraid from me now

But i don't want him to be afraid of me he is the only person in the wole world who not scared of me and I want his eyes remain same deep and innocent not fearful

So I turn around and give zack a gaze to talk to jack he also move but when he move he again hid himself more behind the chair

Jack lets go zack said

He didn't answer

Jack we should go home

Again no answer

Jack he tried to touch his hair to caress it and calm him but he just snuggled his face more in his kness


I move and went toward him and pull him out from behind the chair but when I see his face its screaming dullness like he have no life

No it can't be his eyes never be dull

I caress his check trying to calm him

"Jack lets go" I said and stand him up when he mumble something

"bu-u-r " he mumble something but I cant get it

"b-u-r-n" he said and I just stare when hug me

I am shock behind shock I can feel my heart stop beating for a while

"Jack !!" I scream because I hate closeness or any skinship

When I push him he is unconscious so it mean he not hug me but faint

Zack came near me and pick him up by putting hands behind his neck and knees

............bye bye...........

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