part 3

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No one's POV

The group of paladins crept through the halls cautiously. No guards were in sight and Allura was at the intercom, confusion spread through her voice. "This isn't right, where are all the guards?" Everyone was as tense as she was and suddenly their mission of sneaking in and obtaining information didn't seem so imperative anymore.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Lance, the second youngest of them all spoke up, his usual silly and childish demenor gone, replaced with cautious whispering. If anyone had been paying attention to him, they might have noticed the slight quiver in his voice, or maybe even the dread that was creeping in.

"Let's just get what we came for and then leave." Their leader, Shiro said. He was being cautious but nothing seemed to scare him, so it was safe to assume that he wasn't feeling the same nervousness that Lance was.

"We should head back." Lance tried again, wishing to just be back home. Anywhere that wasn't here. He had a bad feeling, a sick and nauseous feeling that made his stomach twist.

"What? Are you scared or something?" His rival Keith teased him with a smirk and the earlier paranoia was replaced by competitive banter. "No, you're the one who's scared Mullet man." He teased the older, yet shorter boy about his hair at every chance he got and it pissed Keith of.

"Oh shut up, you're clearly the most useless one here." Keith didn't actually mean it at all, he just didn't know how to handle the strange feelings he got when he was around Lance. His confusion caused him to lash out at the trouble maker and he never thought Lance would take it heart.

But he did. Lance outwardly frowned at Keith, glaring at him whilst crumbling with hurt on the inside. He'd never show anyone the pain he felt but it was slowly tearing him apart and he hated it almost as much as he hated himself.

"Stop it both of you." Shiro had to tear them apart, breaking their hateful gaze. Well at least, that's what it appeared to be. In reality it was just one confused and one broken boy, unsure about their own feelings. There was never any true hate in this twisted relationship.

They made it to the main control panel with literally no problems and Pidge plugged in a wire, downloading the location of the next shipment they were going to blow up. Since zarkon had been defeated and they'd gotten Shiro back, missions had been much easier. Not this easy, but still smoother then before. Not as smooth as Lance.

Everyone waited impatiently as time ticked on and Lance began to tap his foot obnoxiously in boredom. "Uhhhh when can we leeeeave?" He groaned, pulling a dramatic frown. "Oh shut u-" Keith was interrupted when the doors burst open, Galra swarming through the room as the paladins sprung into action, protecting Pidge until the download finally completed.

"Done! Let's get out of here." She stood up and looked over at the door, realising that it was no longer an available exit. "We can go out the back door and circle round." She shouted so that her friends could hear, forgetting that they all had intercoms.

Together the team ran out the door, Lance and Kieth lingering to provide cover. Once the others were a safe distance they too sprinted down the dusty hallways, running until there legs burned.

Their one lion, the red lion, stood viciously where they left it. Everyone else was clambering inside as that was the only one they'd brought with them. It didn't make sense to bring all the lions for this type of mission. That's why they flew in the red lion, it was faster and provided a quicker means of escape should the need arise.

"Lets go!" Keith yelled, looking over at lance, attention lacking for a tick. But that's all it took for a Galra gun to hit him in the leg, sending burning hot pain through it. "Keith!" Lance was allarmed at his friends pained cry and quickly glanced over. "Get up Keith." Keith gritted his teeth at the pain but stood up nonetheless and began to limp over to his ship, it was so close.

And so were the Galra, hot in pursuit, showing no mercy. Lance stopped firing and looked over at Keith, seeing how he struggled. Watching him pant for breath. Watching the gun being pointed to his chest. At this rate, Lance wouldn't make it there before... No. He would die before he let that happen. The others needed Keith, he was important. They didn't need Lance, he was replaceable.

With that determined thought in mind he rushed over and ran in front of his friend, barely giving it a second thought before the bullet collided with his body. The adrenalin blocked out the pain and he was hardly aware of the blood aready soaking though his armour.

He picked up Keith and shoved him as hard as he could, just as the guards grabbed him by the shoulders, restraining him completely. One quick blow to the head with the end of a gun was enough to make his vision fuzzy and he fell into darkness.

Keith groaned in pain as his leg spread blood across the floor, leaving a small trail. He heared his friends voices as he was lifted up, flashing images pulsing through his head as he struggled to stay conscious. Vaguely he could feel hard ground beneath him as movement shook wherever he was. The insufferable pain made him want to curl up into a ball and someone touched his leg, snapping him to alert as a new flood of pain rushed through his system.

"Shiro?" He asked, confusion prominent. "Yeah it's me buddy, don't worry. You'll be ok." The pain had numbed slightly and his vision was clearing up, his friends face becoming clearer. "That was one hell of a mission." Keith tried to add humour then realised that he shouldn't have to, Lance did that, it was what he did.

The blue paladin was quiet though and as he looked around the room the only thing he could see was his teammates downcast faces. "Where's Lance?" Keith had subconsciously known the answer but he wouldn't except it.

"We're sorry. He's gone, Lotor's got him."

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