chapter 15: search

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Jk pov:

Its 11pm and jack not come back home I dial Miss Jane number


"Hi" she said

"Why you not bring jack home?" I ask

"w-What!! what are you saying I let him go when its 9pm" she explained

"but he is not here miss jane" I said gritted teeth and grab my phone tightly

"But he is not here you said you send him with your driver but he is not here" I retorted

"Where is he"

"Did you really send him home with yor driver?" I ask coldly

" Justin I a-m s-sorry"


"I am sorry really I didn't send him home with my driver because he said he went home by himself" she explained

"W-what the hell are you telling me?"

"Justin he said he went own his own"

"Atleast asked me about that then let him go "I said


"your sorry not makes things right" I said and end the call and went in my office

When I went in my office I told the butler to tell zack to come in my office

"sir did something happen"


"what should I do" he ask

"Zack ready my car I am on my way we are going to search for jack I think he tried to escape again he not let miss jane to let him drive back home"

"What he can't do this?"

"Why he can't do this because he did this again"

" sir but he can't because he didn't even know where he is ?, I mean the city he is just a 16 year old kid he didn't know much about other cities or travelling"

"he is very clever you know he just make man mad with just his talk"

"sir but he not know if he tried this he still not know where to go and if he tried to escape again he is not much far away from miss jane house "


"we should go"

"yes sir"

"At last we reached the area and zack and I start searching for jack we saw alleys and enter in the red light area which is famous for body selling and human selling for other purposes;like slaves or organ donors" I am in my thoughts when zack interrupt me from my train of thoughts

"sir you know which area we are now this area is closed from miss jane house so jack will be here "


"But what happen sir if someone caught him"

"y-you kn-know what -I mean sir"

No one touches him because of the tattoo which engrave in his body

"But what if no one see the mark"

"Nothing happens lets go "

"We entered in red line area famous place and start looking around us we not see anything strange its normal women giving pleasure to mans "

I am looking when I hear a screaming , ithought I hear wrong its common to hear screams the place like this



I hear scream a really painful scream like someone is in too much pain



This cant be happen

What I am thinking is only my negative thought nothing gona happen

But then why heart is beating so fast, I turn and look at zack he have same expressionslike he hear an horrible sound, I scream in my head and run and zack did the same thing

We went downstairs in the basement and saw a room door closed I just open it and saw many mans abut 20 to 15 around something



No that can't be happen

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