Chapter 1

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The young girl fell off the bed. Aka, me. Sighing heavily, I do my daily routine. Wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed, eat and then go to work. One word; boring. At least that's what I thought...

Already halfway through the agenda, I walked downstairs to see my airheaded half brother's cocky-ass girlfriend. I rolled my eyes as I heard the sloppy kisses. Covering my eyes, I reached for an apple to eat on the way to work.

"Oh hey Ming-Yang! You going to work?" My dumbass brother asked me, Soo-Yin staring at me as if I were her ex-boyfriend. 

"Yeah," I replied blankly. A few seconds went by until Soo-Bitch started talking. 

"Hey Yang, looking ugly as always!" 

"I'm sorry, I don't exchange insults with people who have an IQ of 7,"

Suddenly, the cocksucker began crying out crocodile tears. I sighed once again and made my way to work. 

"Babe! She said something bad about me!" I stopped walking halfway. Ugh, her and her shitty acting. 

"Yang! You better say sorry!" 

I turned around to face them again. 

"You know I always wonder how you get these bitches in our house considering the fact that you lack the virility and a masculine appearance." 

I guess my work here is done. 

Once again I made my way to work.

From the distance, I saw a line of children outside my store. How long were they waiting? Who knows. They're just some mentally retarded children whose parents have the intelligence of a thick ten-year-old. 

As I approached, the kids recognized me and started wailing. The parents did fucking nothing to stop their ugly-ass children. I took a key from my bag and unlocked all five locks on the door. Before I could even step in, the children rushed by and created mayhem. I sighed to myself once again and walked behind the counter. Hopefully, the others will come soon.

I sat back in my rocking chair and began to vape. I could see some of the parents giving me dirty looks, but why would I care? It seems like they care about me more than their own children.

I closed my eyes, fell back and relaxed. 


Another fucking customer, or maybe an employee? I opened one eye to see a black haired boy. 

He's not one of my employees...

Is he? 

Eh, I don't care, I don't pay attention to those worthless idiots. 

Except for Nara. 

She's decent. 

Unlike those others, Nara's different. She actually cares about her education like me and she shows good character traits that I expect from everyone. She even has the audacity to borrow books from my library. She kind of reminds me of me when I was younger...

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