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I love this fic so much and I can only hope it doesn't die off. It doesn't have as many reads as my other things, I know vampires aren't for everyone and that's why I'm having to have you guys sticking with me on this.

Frank had been surrounded by vampires once before. A dinner table, all chairs occupied by vampires and their victims, all sadistic in their own way with the exception of the gentle vampire at his side- his vampire, the only one whose human wasn't seated next to him as an appetizer before the main course. He felt terror filling him to the brim watching them feed, wondering if his neck was next to be punctured, before he was swept away from the scene. Nothing could erase it from his memory, but stepping away from the picture of macabre and violence could ease the trauma left inside his head.

He was being surround once more, but not by the smirking fanged creatures he'd seen underground the mansion in Jersey. These vampires were of a kinder coven, gentle expressions set on their angelic faces as they wearily filled the room after Mina had called out for them to join her and her one vampire companion in the room. The room was filled with three couches, red velvet fabric stretched over the cushions with gold, braided material stitched to the cases covering the pillows. A fire crackled warmly in the room, the smell of burning firewood as soothing as the sight of the glistening embers, filling Frank with warmth he hadn't discovered he needed until his body rippled with a chilled shiver.

Frank sat on one of the sofas, perched anxiously on the edge, and Gerard sat close beside him with a slight protective inclination towards him. The sides of their thighs pressed together and it distracted Frank far too much. He cut his attention away from their legs and looked at the vampires standing around the room, some sinking down on the cushions with a grace immortalized into their kind. There were nine others besides Mina and the woman beside her who seemed to be her closest friend, sitting close to her as she observed Frank and Gerard. Her gaze was intense, but not unnerving, for she wasn't making a meal out of Frank in her imagination.

"My dearest friends," Mina spoke up to capture everyone's attention. "I would appreciate it immensely if you'd welcome our newest additions, Gerard and his human, Frank." She smiled warmly, her hand gracefully gesturing to the pair. "They've come a long way to find us. Imprisoned by Lindsey, it seems."

A quiet murmur swept around the room, shared distaste at the mention of her name. It made Frank smile smugly, but only briefly. Gerard caught his eyes when his lips curled up and Frank could see that his vampire held back a smile of his own.

"I have met you once, vampire. Does she still rule the underground of New Jersey?" One of the vampires in the room spoke up. Her hair, so light that it almost appeared white in the glow of the fire, was barely a shade darker than her pale white skin.

"She does, and the vampires she created are also strung along beside her," Gerard informed the woman he recognized. "We rose again to feed recently. However, the tradition of peace of broken, and the fault was all my own."

"Lindsey has inflicted cruelties upon this vampire and his human," Mina nodded once to the vampires gazing at her questionably. "We must protect them from her wrath. I know, as well as you, Nadine, Nicolas, Laila, and Marius, what evil lives in that woman. She may be running in our veins, but her darkness will keep us away from following her in footsteps."

Frank wondered which of the vampires in the room owned the four names she spoke out loud, the ones who were created from the hands of Lindsey. His eyes ran over each of them quickly, his gaze being met from the sharp and quick senses of the vampires in the room, and his face flushed.

"What has she done to make you flee from her?" The woman beside Mina asked the pair sitting on the couch. Her wild red curls spilled over her milky shoulders, the sleeves of her pearl colored dress falling down her arms in layers of frilled lace. She was beautiful, perhaps the most lovely out of all of them, and Frank was fascinated by the silk of her voice.

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