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Oh casia,
Thee flower of beauty.
Oh casia,
To guard thee shall be my duty.

Lord of my mind I am,
But thee have become an empress,
The basileus of my immortal time.

Thee I accept queen,
Not less than I have ever been.

I see myself inferior,
Even though society treats me
Like thine superior.

Oh casia,
Let mine love never part from thee,
As though we are one.

Oh casia,
Hold me dearly,
As if I am done.

Beauty were never in the eyes,
It was always in one's soul.
Embedded in one's blood was love,
And I can see that it's there for me,
Right in thy core.

I can only touch thee tenderly casia,
For thee seems too fragile to hold.
I don't want to break thee,
As I make thee my own.

Call me your love sweet flower,
It's not thy colour but thy charm,
That I hold the power.

Thy presence alone shall makes me weak,
I am a dead one,
What else can I be than meek?
As I stay with thee.

Tippity-tappity the rain falls on my face,
As I lye my head on thy lap,
As thee gently strokes my hair,
I hear the whisper of love,
Very near to my ear.

My eyes are shut,
As the rain touches my skin,
Who cares what the world brings,
As long as I am with thee as I carry my sin.

As the dusk slowly approaches,
And the dark starts to surround.
Let the world be as it is,
As I am with thee forever bound.

Let the world watch,
For we are on an island,
In the middle of the bustling town.
An island we have made,
To keep us safe and sound.

Let me be as thee is,
Let me be as thy mercy is.

As time fades outside our lands,
I shall still stand forever holding thine hands.

If God goes crazy,
Let him be,
For we shall stay lazy,
Like we are our own brand.

The Dead Revolutionary

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