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My skin ignited with a flash of energy, but what happened next surprised me. Tendrils of electricity shot out from my fingers and zapped the massive demon reaching toward me, and he stumbled back. What the hell? They'd attack in the dorms? Sure, it was night out, but the dorms?

Oh, God. Where was Briana?

I reached for the door to push it closed. A size five-hundred shoe blocked it, but I got it closed enough that they didn't fit through it. I leaned against it, propping my foot against the railing in front of me. Wouldn't last long, but hopefully enough for me to send out a 911.

I yanked my phone from my pocket, speed dialed number two, then threw the phone next to Tom while still connected so someone could hear. The door pushed open, knocking me to the side. A hand grabbed my arm. I turned and connected my charged fist with the demon's face.

He fell back, flesh sizzling off his cheekbone.

Wow, my electricity was packin' a punch right now, which was good since I was severely outnumbered. Another set of fingers clamped my shoulder. Thankfully I wore a tank top, so I ignited my flesh, giving him a zap he wouldn't forget. He flinched away. Sure, it didn't kill him, but it kept him off me.

A massive fist rushed my face. I ducked and grabbed his neck and jolted him a little more than I'd intended, but it did the job as his head tilted to the side, then fell over, and his body sizzled to the ground. Gross, but still...

Two sets of black-finger nailed hands reached toward me. I stepped down some stairs, which wasn't the best position for me to be in, but Tom lay unconscious on the stairs leading up, so I couldn't get any height. I had to get some room because the energy beginning to bubble beneath my chest told me I was going to zap them something big.

Not quite sure how I knew that, but I did.

Two demons spilled through the door with another behind. The third one went toward Tom. "No!" I pointed to him, and a lightning bolt shot from my finger right into his chest. He vaporized.

"Sweet." I fanned my fingers out and flicked my wrist down so my fingertips pointed toward the two charging down the stairs at me. A bolt shot out from each of my fingertips. One struck the metal railing to the side of a demon. Another bolt struck his shoulder, sending him spinning. The third bolt sunk into the chest of the second demon.

His body crashed against the wall behind him with a thud, but my fourth blast of energy must have zapped something important, because the lights flickered out.

"Shit." I illuminated my skin, and my arm hairs stood tall like I was about to zap off a shock or something.

I scurried up the stairs to Tom. He groaned, and his head bobbed to the side. The door crashed open again and I jumped to my feet in front of Tom, hands electrified. The guy scanned the dimly lit hallway, but my light was enough to show his saggy, white skin and marble eyes.

I leapt at the creature and wrapped my hands around his neck. "What do you want with us?"

"Die," the creature moaned as his nails dug into my forearms.

"You first." I crashed my knee against his soft spot, then fried his neck, and his body oozed against the cement wall.

"Dakota?" Briana yelled from the hallway. "D?"

"Yeah. Tom's down, hurry."

"Hey, what's going on?" an unfamiliar voice trickled out as the door slammed shut. "Power's out."

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