Twenty – The Calm before the Storm

"No, no, you're doing it wrong." Jo pulled the gun from Jessica's hand and showed her how to properly load it. "Salt bullets won't kill a demon, but they'll sting like hell."

"Not even a headshot?"

"Never seen a demon get a headshot with a salt bullet, so I can't say for sure." Jo went back to checking ammunition for herself and Jessica. The group, save Crowley, was going to be armed with guns. Jo pulled Jessica aside to show her some quick, crash-course pointers while the rest finalized the plan details.

"You think this is gonna work?"

Jo sighed. "'s up in the air. Demons can't be trusted, so if Crowley backstabs us, we might as well be ready to go back to Heaven."

"But we can trust Meg."

"Well, she's MIA right now, and so is Cas." Jo wasn't sure if Cas had left willingly, or if something had called for him and poofed him out of the bunker. It worried the group, because he still hadn't returned, and they needed his firepower.

"Maybe Cas went to go find her." Jessica shrugged. "They seem to have something between them. I wanna say it's kind of cute."

"Don't make me throw up, Jess."

"Do you think Sam's gonna be up for this? I mean, he's gonna be facing his brother, but it won't be his brother."

Jo tucked some rounds into any pockets she had on her. "You're never really prepared to go against a monster inside of your family. It's one of those things you don't think could happen until it does. I think he can handle it. If not, you're gonna have to step up. I'll be close by for backup if you need it."

Jessica snorted. "Meg would totally take a crack at my skills right now if she heard you."

"Yeah, she would."

"Are you going to be okay, if you face Dean?"

Jo avoided Jessica's eyes. "Yeah. It won't be pretty, either way. When we get him out, if his body's beaten up, he'll understand. He'd do the same for us."

"Hey, guys!" Charlie ran into the doorway. The two blondes turned to the redhead. "Cas is back."

As Charlie scurried off, Jo and Jessica grabbed the last of their ammo and ran after the redhead. As they entered the library of the bunker, Cas was making his way through the war room, with Meg in tow.

"Holy shit," Jo murmured. I guess Jess was right.

"Did you bitches miss me?" Meg snickered.

"Okay, that's a line I would use, and I don't appreciate you sounding like me right now," Charlie quipped.

"Good to see you, too, red." Meg acknowledged Jo and Jessica. "I see the team hasn't rolled out yet, so we got back at a good time." When the demon's eyes fell onto Crowley, she lost her triumphant-return demeanor. "Um, what is he doing here?"

"Um...surprise?" Cas told her, giving her a weak, apologetic smile.

The demon's eyes turned black. "You didn't tell me Crowley was going to be here. I should have told you to leave me in the woods."

"He's our diversion for Bela," Sam told her.

Meg let her eyes revert back to her vessel's normal color. "Uh-uh, no way. You can't trust this snake."

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