Nineteen – A Good Night for an Execution

Survival was heavy on Meg's brain as she was escorted, roughly, by two demons into the thick of woods. Night was in full swing overhead, and Meg's head was on a swivel, looking for any advantage to bust herself out of the demons' hold and make a run for it.

Meg had succeeded in one thing: pissing off the head bitch. Bela had gotten so much of an earful of Meg's voice that she decided the demon wasn't worth holding onto any longer, that the hunters would get a gift sooner or later. Meg knew it would be the form of her corpse.

Unfortunately, during the short time she'd bugged Bela Talbot, Meg hadn't gained any information that she could use. No leverage. It disappointed her.

Instead of killing Meg off in the secret hideaway she was locked in from before, she was taken out into the woods where nobody would hear the murder happen. Nobody would witness it, save the killers, and any woodland creatures that happened to be in the area.

I've handled worse. I can take these mooks. But with her shackles, still embedded with magic to hold her demonic powers at bay, she wasn't as confident in that. I just need the right thing to help me. Or...the right someone.

"So, you boys do this often?" Meg asked the two demons. Both were hulking, towering figures, another disadvantage for her. Both wore unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar meatsuits. "She must have you whipped, you could dropkick her over a fence no problem."

"We could do the same to you," snarled the one demon. He led Meg by her chains, and she wanted nothing more than to rip the stringy dark hair off the demon's scalp. His stride made her legs work almost at a run.

"You do realize you're working for a wannabe ruler, right? A demon who's way in over her head."

"It sounds like you're playing for Team Hero."

Meg scoffed. "I'm not a hero. Heroes don't commit murder for fun, or for sport."

"You've been nesting with the group of women that the angel summoned from Heaven, and you've got no intention to betray them."

Castiel...I hate to do this, mostly for my pride, but, come save my ass. I've got two putzes leading me to my creepy execution grounds, and I am not going back to Purgatory, or any other sort of hell on earth that demons go to when they die. Create a distraction and free me from my chains so I can kick their asses. Clarence—

Meg's thoughts were interrupted as she was kicked in the back of her knees, forcing her to the ground. The second demon, who was trailing to be sure they weren't followed, circled past Meg, a silver angel blade in his hand. She could appreciate the beauty of the weapon, just not when it was about to kill her for the second time. At least it won't be Crowley this time.

"You gonna monologue like your boss or are you gonna get on with it?" Meg said rather impatiently. It wasn't that she wanted to die, she just didn't want to hear stupid, mouth-breathing demons waste her potential last moments monologuing.

"Well, since you're so eager to die..." The demon with the blade slunk towards Meg.

Just as he was moving towards her, she leapt to her feet and gave a huge tug with her chains. Miraculously, the demon who held her chains stumbled forward, and she jumped for him, knocking her head into his chin. She kicked out at the demon with the blade, who slashed at her leg, barely missing. As she moved, she realized her chains was free.

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