Eighteen - A Mutual Threat

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Eighteen – A Mutual Threat

"Okay, I'm no expert about protection spells, but, uh, shouldn't he not be able to just walk in here?" Charlie looked inquiringly to Sam and Cas.

"We, uh, had an issue with the wardings a while back," said Cas.


"Meaning they got taken down and we didn't reestablish them."

Charlie smacked her forehead.

"Okay, keep on pretending that I'm not here," said the King of Hell as he made his way down the steps. From the corner of her eye, Charlie saw Sam try to push Jessica behind him. Instead, she stood alongside him. Jody eyed the demonic king warily.

"Did you already reach out to him?" Jo asked Cas through her teeth.

"No, he didn't. It seems I have a pest problem, and naturally, it's because of you lot. So, I need you to fix it."

"Whoa, whoa, we don't fix your messes," Charlie cut Crowley off. "We only fix our own."

"Seems like we share a common one at the moment: a walking bitch by the name of Bela Talbot."

"You know about her?"

"Oh, she came knocking on my doorstep, red. Went on this rant about her quest to make hunters extinct and all that. She bragged about her kill count. She really doesn't know how to be a proper villain, if you ask me. She's very arrogant. If I didn't know any better, it'd seem like she's trying to appeal to me and want me to offer her a job or something."

"Your point?" Jo asked sharply.

"My point is, blondie, that once she's done with your kind, she's going to march into my territory and try and take my crown. I don't share, and I certainly won't let someone like her take over. I've built a system, and I am not about to relinquish it to her."

"And what would you want us to do about it?" asked Jessica. "Sounds like a personal problem for you."

"As much as we all don't like it, if we team up, we can shut her up. Both problems would be solved, everyone goes back to their merry little lives." Crowley looked to the group eagerly.

The bunker fell silent, all minds turning. Charlie was furious, mainly because Crowley was trespassing into the bunker. We can work just fine without him. We have.

"You can't just walk in here and expect us to help you after you refused us when we asked for your aid," Charlie snipped. "That's not how this works. If you'd helped us, we'd give you tit for tat. But, since you rejected us, we're going to reject you. So, see yourself out." She waved the demonic king off.

Crowley scoffed. "My, my, what a fiery temper you have, red."

"The last thing we need is for you to screw things up for us anyhow," said Jo.

"I noticed you're a demon short. Did it finally become too much and you decided to off her for good?"

"No, Bela took her," said Jessica. "Hopefully if we can find her, we can find Meg, Alex, Claire, and Dean."

"Ah, so she still has him on a leash, huh?"

"She took my girls, too," Jody said. "There's a lot at stake for us. So I'm with Jo, I'm not having you be the reason my girls get killed."

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