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Pen Your Pride

#1. Three Times A Lady » Chris

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You walk through the local music store. You were looking for a new guitar to replace the old one you had broke after a fight with your ex-boyfriend. You were so pissed off you had grabbed the first thing you could get your hands on, which was unfortunately your favorite guitar.

You were looking for an electric guitar. Something affordable, but wasn't so cheap that the strings would break every time you tried to play it.

You approach the back of the store where there was a boy trying out a mint green guitar on the amps. A dark purple guitar catches your eye. It looks just like your old one and was in your price range.

Once the boy walks away, you took the guitar off of the rack and decide to try it out. You plug it into the amp and begin to pluck a few chords. It sounds okay. Sounds perfect, in fact.

You begin to play a familiar tune from a movie called What's Your Number? You play for a little bit and get so lost in the song that you begin to sing.

"You're once, twice
Three times a lady
And I love you
Yeah, you're once, twice
Three times a lady
And I love you"

You jump when you hear applause. You turn to see a man with a beard wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses, although he was inside. You suddenly feel embarrassed. You had never sang in front of anyone before. You never thought you were good.

"Bravo," the stranger says. "That was pretty good."

"Thanks," you say. The stranger has a familiar voice. You try to remember where you've heard it before.

"Just a question, where'd you hear that version?" he asks. "I know that song is originally by Lionel Richie. I just remember it being slower."

"It's from a movie," you reply.

"Thought so. So, what's your name beautiful?"

You feel your cheeks heat up at the complement.

"(Y/N)." you reply.

"Well, (Y/N)," the stranger said and pulled off his sunglasses and lifted his hat just enough to show you his face. "I think you sang that a lot better than I did."

You gasp. The stranger that caught you singing was none other than THE Chris Evans. No wonder he sounded so familiar. Chris smiles at you and puts back on his hat and sunglasses. You realize he has them on because he doesn't want to be mobbed or anything, so you quickly change your surprised expression.

"I mean," you say. "it's very nice to meet you Chris."

"You too (Y/N)," he said and reaches out to shake your hand. "You're good on guitar."

"Thanks. I play a lot, until I broke my old one," you say. "You play guitar, right? Or is that just for the camera?"

Chris laughs his signature laugh. It makes your heart melt.

"No, I actually play," he replies. "And piano. And...I tap dance."

You burst out laughing. You can't control it. Chris silently chuckles too. People in the store look at the two like your crazy.

Chris ends up sitting down and playing guitar with you for a while. Once you two finish, you buy the guitar and go for a walk. No where in particular. Just a walk to get to know each other.

You couldn't believe your luck. You had ran into THE Chris Evans and now you are walking and talking a joking together. Every now and then, you'd manage to get Chris to sing something as you loved his singing voice and he'd do the same for you.

You two end up on a beach. It seems like it has been minutes since you met, but judging by the setting sun, it has been hours. You had basically spent the whole day with the one and only Chris Evans just talking like old friends. It was a dream come true for most girls. Heck, most girls probably would've fainted the moment they seen Chris. But after getting to know him, it just felt like you were meeting a regular guy at a music store and now you were friends.

"It's getting late," Chris notices. "You wanna go home or-"

"I'd rather not," you reply. "I just wanna...sit here. Enjoy this beautiful moment. This beautiful sunset. And the company of the Star Spangled Man With A Plan."

Chris laughs.

"I like you (Y/N). You're a great gal."

"You're a great guy."

Chris smiles at you. There's a brief moment where everything is silent and you notice Chris looking down at your lips. Your heart races as he leans in. There's a brief pause when you the only noise is the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. You can feel Chris' hot breath against your face before he leans in and gives you a kiss on the lips.

It a moment of bliss. It was nothing like the kisses you had had with your ex. This one felt...right. You felt sparks.

Chris pulled away first.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I didn't know what came over me."

"Don't apologize," you say. "I was okay with it. But I just got out of a relationship. My ex cheated on me with some chick from his work. I'm not ready to rush in a relationship that quick."

"I'm sorry about that," Chris says. "But what would you say if I ask you on a date and we can take it slow?"

You smile. "I'd say yes and I'd love that."

Chris smiles back at you. You both turn to watch the sunset. You rest your head on Chris' shoulder. As the sunset illuminates the sky beautiful colors of orange, red and yellow, Chris begins to sing.

"You're once, twice
Three times a lady
And I love you
Yeah, you're once, twice
Three times a lady
And I love you"

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