Sixteen – The Bitter Taste of Defeat

Jo had to admit, it felt different with Meg missing in the bunker.

After the whole fiasco at Jody's place, Jo, Charlie, Jessica, Cas, Jody, Cas, and Sam, had made the trip back to Kansas. Jody had insisted she come back with the gang, as she knew that if she filed missing person's reports on Alex and Claire that the department wouldn't get very far very fast. Jody was not the kind of person to wait around for others to do a job she knew she could do in record time.

Jo was currently in the kitchen, rummaging for something to bury the feeling of defeat in her chest. She'd seen Dean, again, and he was so close to her...

But it wasn't Dean she had seen, it was the black-eyed bastard who possessed him. And his partner-in-crime, a female Brit who seemed adamant on hunters' extinction.

Come on, they have to have alcohol somewhere. Beer, whiskey, anything.

"You, uh, craving something?"

Jo banged her head inside of the fridge at Jessica's question. She rubbed her head, shutting the fridge door. "Just something to cure the pain."

"Try an ice pack."

"Sam up yet?"

"Not yet." Jessica frowned. "I'm here for myself. I might make him something so he can eat when he wakes. He probably hasn't eaten since he's been riding backseat in his own body. He's got to be starving."

"And Charlie?"

"She's buried herself back into work."

Jo rubbed her face. She couldn't begin to predict how Sam would react to all that he'd woken up to. He'd probably think he was dead, or just having really bad hallucinations. "What is she hoping to find?"

"Dean, probably. Or the British lady you and Jody mentioned. Did she give a name?"

"Nope." But Jo recalled her features pretty easily: the black eyes; the caramel, wavy hair; the sinister smile. "But considering what's been going on, it seems like she's had beef with Sam and Dean before. I mean, no demon in their right mind would dare do this unless they're suicidal or actually know what they're doing."

"And you don't think she's suicidal?"

"If she's gotten this far, no, I don't believe so. I'm sure her hatred goes beyond them, extending to all of us, since she's after population hunter."

"You think she's gonna try and attack home base?"

"That's if she knows where it is."

Jessica worked her way through the kitchen, finding some food to make, but she kept the conversation going: "If she finds us, we need to be ready."

"And we will be. Just kind of wish..."

"We weren't one demon short?"


"You don't think...?"

Jo shook her head. "I don't. She's stuck with us, and she seems to butt heads with other demons, so...I think she's on our side."

The group knew Meg wasn't dead, that the Brit wouldn't kill her off that quickly. She was holding onto Meg for some reason.

"We're going to get her back, and Dean. And then we're going to finish this mess," Jessica said firmly. "Unless she has an army backing her, we've got a good shot."

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