chapter 7.

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I turned around and there was nobody other than Xukun. He looked a bit mad and kinda pissed. I didn't know the reason for it.

I could hear Yixing smirking. "It's none of your business, trainee."

When I looked over to Xukun, he was more mad than before. The atmosphere got heavy and tough, and I stood between them and didn't know what to do.

But I need to stop them.

"Guys, calm down. Yixing you could have said that nicer and Xukun it is nowhere near to flirting.."

Both of them looked at me. Yixing sighed and answered "Don't be too sure about that". After that he left.

What was that?

I looked confused when someone tapped my shoulder. My eyes landed on Xukun. But he seemed different. He slowly started to come closer.

My back touched the wall. His eyes became dark and he placed his arms on the right and on the left. I was between both of his arms.

"Y/N you trust men too easily."

I looked up to him since he was taller. His dark eyes didn't change and his mouth didn't spill any more words. I just stood there not sure what to say.

Finally, he released me and walked away. He didn't even look back once. I sighed and stood there in disbelief.

What is wrong with everyone?

The preparations went smoothly and the hall is filling itself with fans. I was busy with getting the guys done with their outfits.

I didn't see Yixing and neither did I see Xukun. He should be done soon because of his performance. That's when I started to worry.

Worrying and doing nothing is not like me so I started to walk around. My eyes are searching for him. After some while I found a guy but he had his back turned to me so I couldn't see who it was.

I came closer and tapped on the shoulder. Expecting Xukun, it wasn't him. It was Qin Fen.

"What are you doing here? You should go back." I said to him.

"I could ask you the same." He winked and came closer. I pushed him away. "Ah.. i'm searching for Xukun. Go back to the others. The PD will be there soon too." I shivered when I thought of Yixing.

Oddly, Fen noticed my shivering and grabbed my shoulders. "Are you cold?"

"No. Go back now I'll search for Xukun."

I didn't wait for his answer and just dashed off. The only thing I could feel were his eyes on my back.

*Qin Fen's POV*

After the conversation of me and Y/N, I had to walk back. Then I saw Xukun and was kinda confused because of that. I tapped his shoulder. "Did you see Y/N?"

"No why?" He tilted his head. "She's looking for you."

His eyes widened and he passed me by. Then he dashed out to find her.

*Xukun's POV*

My eyes were only looking for her.

Why is she looking for me?

I ran around for like 10 minutes now and there's no sign of her. Huffing, I looked at my watch. "Shit, it's already time for the performance.."

Sighing, I looked around one last time and returned to the backstage. Then there she was. Fixing Yanjun's hair.

Some feeling became to grow up in me. I didn't even control myself anymore and found myself walking towards her.

She noticed me and started to call my name. "Xukun-" Before she said anything I flicked her forhead lightly.

Shocked she placed her hand on her forehead. But she didn't speak. It was Yanjun. He placed himself in front of her like he was trying to protect her.

"What's wrong with you?! Why are you hitting a girl?!"

I yelled back, shoving Yanjun away. "Do you even know how worried I was?"

She glanced at me. But it seemed like she wasn't mad at all. In fact she said something that kinda surprised me.

"I was searching you first and you weren't there. So don't you dare to flick my forehead first."

She came closer in an unexpected high speed and flicked my forehead without mercy. If I had a wig on it would've definitely flew off.

I looked at her again and she was walking away. As I watched her I began to chuckle forgetting about Yanjun who stood beside me.

He had a serious face expression. "Don't you dare come closer to her ever again. I'm warning you Xukun. Watch yourself.."

With those words, he just left. I stood there trying to control these emotions welling up in myself.

I can't do this. My goal is to debut..


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