Chapter 2

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Momoko POV
I looked up and saw Brick! I don't know why but I felt my face heating up and his face was getting red...

"Oh sorry pinky" he apologized.

I realized we weren't transformed and they didn't recognize us. So we were just normal girls to them... and not enemies.

"Oh... it's okay!" I replied.

I grabbed Miyako and Kaoru and we ran off to science.

Miyako POV
I was on the ground, and when I looked up... I saw Boomie! He is soooo cute and kind! I was staring into his ocean blue eyes. I was starting to blush.

Then I felt my hand being dragged away from Him. I looked up and Momoko was taking me and Kaoru away.

Kaoru POV
I saw Butch and his stupid hot face! Wait what?! Kaoru you didn't just think that! I know you didn't! I then saw him smirk at me! I was looking away to hide my red cheeks... I then felt Momoko pull my hand away from him. FINALLY!

We found science. I sat by the back window, Momoko sat in right in front of me and Miya right next to Momoko.

After about 5 minutes I saw the boys walk in! Why are they in my class! Butch walked over and sat next to me! GOD DAMMIT ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! All the girls were blushing and fan girling. But what is so special about him?!

"Hey, Babe." He said.

"I'm not your 'babe'!" I said. He is really pissing me off!

"You will be soon..." he chuckled.

I punched him in the arm. Then Miss Keane walked in introducing herself to any new students.

(In case you forgot she looks like this)

Momoko POVI was talking with Miya about fashion and new boys we would meet and go out with! Also more girly things Kaoru hates

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Momoko POV
I was talking with Miya about fashion and new boys we would meet and go out with! Also more girly things Kaoru hates.

My mouth was wide open when I saw Brick enter the door with his brothers. I was shocked...

I saw him sit right in front of me and he winked at me. While all the girls were glaring at me. I was blushing, but why was I? I don't like that brat. He calls me mean things! Like a old ugly hag! A fat stupid rat! But now he's nice! What. The. Fu-... my thoughts were cut off when Brick was throwing erasers at me!

"Hey stop that!" I yelled at him.

"Stop what?" He said like he wasn't doing a thing...

Miss Keane finally showed up. Hopefully he stops being so rude with her around...

Miya POV
I was talking with Momoko about the latest fashion trends while Kaoru was waiting for class to start. I saw Momoko and Kaoru staring at the door fully shocked...

I saw... BOOMIEEEE!!!! He sat right next me, YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I hugged him tightly.

"H-hey wanna hang o-out at lunch t-today? Just you and I-I?" He asked. I was so surprised!

"Yes I would love to!" I said!

"R-really?!" His ocean blue eyes widened. I nodded back and class was starting as Miss Keane walked in.

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