Dedicated to my dearest satansdaughterAJ and lovely readers 💟

Dedicated to my dearest satansdaughterAJ and lovely readers 💟

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Joanne POV.

“What are you doing?!” I asked in shock, too shock until I could only watch the card burn into ashes while I did nothing to stop him.

“I am trying to save you from someone.” Sehun answered casually and then walks away.
He continue doing his work before his father notice it.

“Who is that someone?” I demanded for answer.

“I don't know.”

You think I want that answer?

“If you don't know then why you freaking burn the card?! I could have at least read the card.” I said, slightly raising my tone.

“There's a lot of robbers in Southern Borderline, Ms. I just want to ensure your safety.” Sehun said. “Because if you read the card, the game is on.”

My lips parted slightly as my eyes narrowed while trying to figure out what he's saying.

The game is on?
What could that possibly meant?


“Are you done, Sehun?” Mr Oh yelled, cutting me off from talking to Sehun.

“Almost done, father!” Sehun shouted back.

The sky rumbles loudly as if it know how messed up my mind.
Soon, tiny droplets falls from the sky.

From one drop to more, and more.

“It will be likely raining heavily, Mr Cha. You can stay here until the rain stop.” Mr Oh offered. “It's always raining heavily because of the forest in here.”

“No, thank you. My daughter and I need to go somewhere else.” Dad refused politely.


As expected, rain poured down heavily.
Dad had to switch on the light to alert others drivers that is using the same road.

The windscreen wiper moves furiously to remove the rain droplets in faster rate.

The only thing that keep me warm right now is my thick jacket.

“We should eat lunch somewhere first. We wouldn't be in ‘peace’ if we go to Peace Bridge right now, yeah?” Dad said in questioning tone.

“Yeah, sure.” I said.

“What about meeting your friend, Detective Kang?” I questioned shortly after.

“He didn't reply to my messages. I guess we'll meet him at Peace Bridge because I told him so.” Dad said. “Somehow, it worries me. I hope he is fine.”

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