Prom Prt. 1 ♡

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Melodi ♡

It's been four months since I've talked to Azeem. I've seen him at school but he don't look my way and I don't even acknowledge him half of the times. That's just the shit we on now. I am thankful for the fact we just about through with high school for good. The senior prom is tonight and guess who got a date? I do. I ain't too fond of going to the prom with a nigga who ain't Azeem but oh well, life goes on. We went to our eighth grade prom together and on that same night we promised we would always be close and would turn the hell up for the senior prom. Clearly, we both broke that promise to one another. I walk to my locker and hear a girl's giggle. "Azeem, you're so funny." she laughs out. I don't wanna look but then again I do. I look back at him. He's hugged up with this hoe named Alexis against the lockers. She's infront of him kissing his neck. I swallow the lump that formed in my throat. This is exactly why we never should've had sex. Feelings get too imvolved. I thought I was over him but it's like now that I see him with her, all of those feelings came back and took over my heart. It just makes me wanna cry. I know it's wrong to feel like this about a guy who's been like a brother to me but I do. They kiss really slow. I shake my head, watching. He opens his eyes and they lock on mine. He looks away. "Come on, Alexis." he says, then grabs her hand and walks off. Well, damn. I grab my shit and walk in the same direction. Azeem and I do take this art class together. Thankfully the hoe don't cause I would be pissed if that's what I would have to deal with.

I walk into the class room and sit on the side where nobody is. Ain't nobody doing anything but socializing since we pretty much done for the year. Azeem walks in and handshakes this dude named Antonio. "Yeah, nigga I ain't doing shit after the prom. I'm gon be there." Azeem says. "Aight." Antonio says. Antonio is throwing the after party and everybody gon be there after the prom. I may go. Azeem looks at me and walks over here. He pulls a chair beside me and stares at me. "What?" I bluntly ask. "So, this what we doin' now?" he asks. "I don't know what you're talkin' about." I say. "Ignoring each other's existence." he says. "You know what, Azeem, get the fuck out my face because it's been four months and you act like you don't know me!" I snap. "You the one who won't look my way so the hell am I supposed to do?" he snaps back. "Well, maybe if you didn't have that bitch moment on your roof I would look at you. And it takes two to tango. You with that bitch anyway so get out my face." I go off, rolling my eyes. He gets on my last nerve, no lie. He smirks. "She bad, huh?" he asks. "Nigga, please. That hoe ain't got shit on Melodi Jackson and that's on my soul." I say. He chuckles. "I admire your confidence, Melodi. I always have." he says, slightly smiling. "I'd admire you in a casket." I say. "You don't mean that. So, who you going to prom with? You taking attitude, huh?" he jokes. I hit him in the chest. "No, asswipe. Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself and that bird." I say. "Why you gotta talk about her?" he asks. "Cause she ain't got nothing on me." I say. "Are you jealous?" he asks. "No, but you most definitely will be tonight my guy." I say. He chuckles. "Pshh, that's wassup." he says. I throw up my middle finger. "I hate you, Azeem." I say. "I doubt it. I love you too, Mel." he says. I shake my head. I hate how much love I have for him right now. "Happy belated birthday by the way." He says. My birthday was two months ago and he just now wanna tell me. "Fuck you." I say, pulling my phone out. I ain't got time.

Azeem ♢

My momma is fixing my custom matte black Armani suit. She ain't said one word. She looking all pitiful. "Ma, what's wrong?" I ask. She looks at me. "Where is Melodi?" she asks. I sigh. "I don't know. She going tho. Why?" I ask. "Azeem, I'm gonna tell you straight up. I don't like the idea of you taking some random when it should be Mel. The young whore hasn't even met me and quite frankly, I don't want to meet her. I'm not sure what but I'm aware of you and Melodi doing something nasty in my home. However, if I catch you and little miss Alexander McUgly in my shit, I will kill you both." Ma says. I chuckle. See, my mom done let the American women make her crazy. It's cool tho because she's always been a blunt woman. "We didn't do anything." I lie. "Oh yes indeed you two did, young man. I know the scent of sex when I smell it. Besides, Conner was home and heard it all. Azeem, I love you. Damn Mel." she says, mocking us. My mouth drops. Her and my step pops on that other shit, sniffing for sex and listening to me break a back in. "That's nasty..." I mumble. "Oh well. You should have been more careful. But what was I saying? Oh, the girl loves you. It's clear to me and the world around you. You both feel It." she says. "For one, Melodi can't stand me and I don't care anymore. I have a girlfriend and we just happy." I say. She shakes her head. "I know you, Zeemie. You're lying." she says. I chuckle. "I gotta go. Love you." I say. "I love you too. Have fun with the thot." she says. I can't help but laugh. "Ma, who taught you that word?" I ask. "Boy, I ain't old. Bye." she says. I chuckle. "Bye, ma." I say. She a damn fool.

I just got to Alexis' house. I get out and ring the doorbell. Her auntie opens it. "You must be Azip?" she asks. Did this hoe just call me Azip? "Woman, I ain't named after weed as in a zip. My name is Azeem." I say. She raises her eyebrow. "Nigga, my bad then you foreign mothafucka." She says.

I shake my head. "Dumb flea bag." I mumble. "Quit!" Alexis says. I look at her and shake my head. She get on my damn nerves with her dense ass brain. I showed her my matte black suit and matte red tie plus the jewelry and she took a picture of it, yet she put on some fucking burgundy. Mane, now I'm gon be a tacky ass nigga with this girl. I look expensive and she look crazy. "How I look?" she asks. "Come on." I say. She sucks her teeth and follows me out. I get in my Audi and she gets in on her side. "What you got an attitude for?" she asks. "Just ride." I say. I'm trying to stay patient with her ass. What did I even give her time of day for? Dang, I can do dumb stuff sometimes.

So, everybody at the prom in the front going in. They got a long red carpet leading into the building with a photographer snapping everybody up. I'm standing to the side watching. I have no competition. I'm killin' shit. I chuckle. These suits look pituful. "Daaaaaaang, who is that?" Alexis screams along with everybody else wondering who just pulled up in a Matte black Hummer limo with the black rims. Gotdamn, that hoe sexy. "Damn." I mumble. The chauffeur gets out and opens the door. My mouth drops, watching Melodi step out and grab his hand. Damn, she killed every hoe in the building. It's a homicide. She sexy as fuck mane. She's wearing this sexy white open backed dress with some kind of chain that goes to the back on. The dress hugs every curve in her body. That's so sexy. She has her long hair in a high bun with flawless make up and crystals in her ear. Wow. "Why you staring so fuckin hard?" Alexis snaps. I ignore her. It's like every nigga out here just got went off on by they girls. Then a nigga gets out and links arms with her. I shake my head. This mothafuckin Yo Gotti lookin ass mixed nigga with all that white on is my brother. My mothafuckin nineteen year old brother. Now ain't that a bitch. I'm gon kill both of them. I bet she think this shit funny. "He looks like you." Alexis mumbles. Everybody around me is talking to me about Mel being with a nigga who could pass for my identical twin but I ain't hearing that. My eyes are glued on this. They walk up the carpet arm and arm never looking my way. Now ain't this a bitch? I can tell this gon be a long night with my lil Air headed girlfriend.

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